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What if God was not the father of all creation? who could have been blessing our land and nation? what if hakungekuwa na jua? tungewai skia izi story za elnino ama mvua, what if sura haingekuwa na mapua? what if breathing haingekuwa aided na mafua? what if a young plant or baby haingewai mature? coke, bhang and heroine, what if zingecrack our brains and make our sisters heroin? what if getting high ingekuwa ina aid success? what if ngoma tungekuwa tunaskiza zingekuwa NACADA conscious? instead of getting high and twerk to some gal a bubble konshens, ju its from that bubble that boils from the spoon and the candle, ndo inatufanya mayouth tunajipata kwa ma scandals fika morgue daily sisi ndo tunakufa kama bundles. what if Jesus was not born in the digital world, what if GOD was not the word and he was not with the world? imagn,Jesus was…

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