Poetry By GufyDox


These are the tears i never got to cry
prayers i never said an AMEN to because sin took the A and i am
left with MEN
MORTALS.WHO TRY TO BE God but they end up with a small g
men who fancy anything that starts with letter G string,G-spots
and being GAY
forgetting the creator has a G before the OD
men who don’t cry for that girlish
men who never went for theatre classes for they don’t ACT
Men who never say I LOVE YOU to their wives
but very sure to say i want you to their sides
I am saddened,
if a lady can take care of a child to maturity then let me be a
let me be a mother who will stand by her unwanted pregnancy
let that MOTHER teach me to be a FATHER
So men,for the next 3 minutes you will take to read this i DISOWN
Hide and seek isn’t the only game we should play with our ladies
Jon he dots should be our favourite
for you are the straight line that joins them.
if shes pregnant join the dots your the father
if shes crying join the dots your her shoulder
but where are you?
you re lost in pubs,clubs seeing other women pole dance
yet to your son you cant fix a toy pole for him to jump!
where are you?
lost in mpango wa kando,finding pleasure in others
making sure you eat in hotels while your family is eating in
and if you cant man up i will WOMAN UP
I will cry,be a girl
quit working in this office and go find a place in the kitchen
i will gossip,mood swing,blush foolishly
i will weave my hair-horse power
and if you still cant make up for the time lost
i will find comfort in my beauty-MAKE UP
But you don’t see my African physique
you used to turn around,see my African behind
stopped what your friends were doing,
to comment 0n my African thighs
my hair made you sway
but you’ve taken my place with your maw-hawks
replaced my ripe African breasts with his rough built chest
i am a woman-JEALOUS
God did not create ME-males
He gave you me a Female
what satisfaction do you get lagging behind?
and f Bolt runs from it who are you not to?
where are you men?
i see big boys masquerading as men
i am a woman
complete with a package you cant get from another man
lets make sense here
that man you call your wife cant be a MOTHER
I make a man complete
i bring the missing rib to you
yet you wife a man?
two missing ribs? does that make sense?
i know we said we run the world
i know we fought for equal rights
called you all sorts of names
with dogs being top of the list
well i revoke those words.



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