Poetry By BrainsArtHeart


Am leaving life of salvation
I look up to the Greater Him
For my daily provision
See I don’t brag about my good works or deeds that’s confused religion Ephesians 2:8..saved via His own Grace never works for I you or anyone to brag about
I do…
Four some intimacy repeatedly
Yes..that is;
Repeat mode…
Armed in full armour in this war ship
Flexing my spiritual muscles
I don’t dwell under struggle
Sinking in thy spirit I stretch no hustle
For the Holy spirit made it a seal
Takes me high and maintains me there that’s how I feel
Now I can do all things through Him who strengthens me
For its never by my might nor by power but by my spirit..says God Almighty
Now forget about the aspect of struggle
Talk of the Grace being real
Revived perception

In the beginning was the Word
It was with God
God was the word
This is spoken word
Spoken word ministry

Like me not..
For heavens to love me more
I settle for the things above me
Not things on earth
The clouds beneath
To be live wired such that to live for me is Christ
And to die is gain
For He lost His life for me to live again
For when they thought Him dead only having undergone a hibernation
Not even nature would stand the ordeal
The grounds were moved with emotions and were quick to go on motion
The sun went on a three hour demonstration
To hype up the tempo
The fabric curtains in the temple
Got tone into two
To vindicate that access to the Greater Him was now for me and you
All this an illustration of How great He was
That even the soldiers had to agree
That truly He was the son of the king
So Lord just like the thief crucified with you on your left
Since you were right there
I don’t want to be left..
I want to dine with you in Paradise
No matter the bad situations
For my faith
My faith is full
And faithful is you..yes..
Faithful and great are you who promises me
That it shall all come to pass no matter it being worse
You who even nature obeys
No wave nor wind is too large so I will stand undoubtedly like Peter for you to call me rock
For you always have my blessings cooking
I will stand
Tall like the times tower
For God
You are my watch tower
Every second
Every minute
Every hour
You turn my experience to be candy sweet from bitter n sour
For when I pray and I lack words to say
You look at smile and I take a pause
You spin my life for the better clearing my scratches
And you are my DJ khaled
For you tell me
Your smart
Your loyal
Hustles zimefika meno pause kila kitu iko sawa
Therefore all I do is pray n hope
That even as I walk on a tight rope
I’ll remain firm n I believe I’ll overcome n cope
I’ll remain sobber n not doped
So lord even if i fall
Preserve my heart n my soul
Guide my strides my feet n renew my inner soul
So Lord I solemnly believe that no temptation is greater than me
For you always make a way out for me 1st cor 10:13
And i will be today’s Abraham
Full of hope n faith..
Faithful is He that promised me that it shall come to pass
And His word shall remain the same
Revived perception

Anytime u feel like your weary
You feel like you have gotten to the end of the road
And you feel like the only resort is to give up for you have lost all hope
Take a pause
And consider why you held on for so long
It took you years or probably decades or be it days
To hold on
Why take only a one unclear and un scripted thought to give up
Go down on your knees please
Forward to God your pleas
Your needs
He is more than faithful
And He will
Meet you at your point of need
So true before giving up
Give up
To God
So yes
Usiniite maskini
Simply juu nimepiga magoti chini
Na apply for His amazing grace
Nifike His Holy place
Ni behold His dazzling glowing face
Am too excited
Can’t wait for that particular phase
So when am down
Down on my knees
I am pleading with Him Carrying and forwarding my thanksgiving
To thee
To the Almighty being
With utter sincerity of love
For His love knows no flaws
And at that period
I get heavy flow
Of inner peace
With my hands high and knees on the floor
Happy and glad
For Jesus and Him only one
Had a heavy flow of blood
For me
To wash my sadness and griefs
My sins and evil deeds
And not even devil can dare come my way
So His flow of blood was never in vain
For now my blood is worth more since His own is flowing in my vein
And joy down in my heart became part of me
And now His word up in my head lives in it
Intellect from His divine wisdom knowledge and understanding
So I don’t lean or boast on my own self acclaimed capabilities
Desperate times calls for desperate measures
So my happy moments shouts for change
Situations change
So Lord cause me to want and long more of you in my high moments moments successful moments peak moments the same way I need you to pick me in my bad moments
Revived perception

I am hate less and love more
I am doubt less and believe more
I am fearless for my courage is more
Situations change
And furthermore
My status change
Am born again
I am born again
And this time with Royal attires
For I am a Royal priest and Prince
Because i-
I am a child of a king
Yes a child of a king
Already in His grand plans even before being thought to exist
I pray to remain in it even as the time the world will see me take an exist
Am a sinner not by choice but default but when I sin His grace love and forgiveness never grows extinct
Never gives a stone when I ask for bread
Never gives me snake when I ask for fish
Never tells to sssshut up once I make a wish
Makes my name have fame yet He knows me by my sins
I met Him and ever since
In His love mercy and grace I bind
And I feel my head with His word for in this mission to glory
Am thy servant
He is the mastermind
Gave me sight even when I wasn’t blind
For me to see the fullness of Him
For He is my Heavenly Father
Am a child of a king
And so not anymore a spiritual orphan
Am a child.
of a king
Get it clearly and be of great attentive and keen
That I and Jesus are from the same family and kin
And so not anymore a spiritual orphan
For in God I have an all time guardian
With Angels
Since I accepted the unmerited offer
Gives me my daily bread
Holds me by the hand showing me the way to be led
He sacrificed my brother Jesus Christ to die on the holy tree
For my own sins
So I got a visa and an entry
To the Holy Trinity
A Holy and united family
Am no longer walking dead
For He gave me his blood
And revived me
For He loves me
Am no longer a spiritual orphan
God loves me equally as Christ
For I received Him and got licensed for He gave Me a birth certificate to be called His child..John 1:12
Now a co heir with Jesus Christ
Brother from above
For He Jehovah opted to be my dad
My Abba Father

Already in His grand plans even before being thought to exist
I pray to remain in it even as the time the world will see me take an exist
Am a sinner not by choice but default but when I sin His grace love and forgiveness never grows extinct

Let Heaven and earth pass
His word..
Remains The Same..



  1. For the few errors you might encounter structural or sorry..
    All to the Glory of God.
    Christ saved us
    Let’s make Him famous


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