I AM WHO I AM by Franking ft Miss Laura



#Verse 1
This is my first song i devote it to you,
Na nitaprosper kwa kila kitu nita do,
Umenihadi future ya dhahabu,
Nitaishi hadi siku nitaitwa babu,
Maishani mwangu nimeona maajabu,
Kila kitu hu happen na sababu,
Sababu…… sababu.
Life ni delicate so me huikula na adabu,

Me napenda God ile design ya feel me,
I love HIM so much HIS Love gonna kill me,
Sweet Holy Spirit please come and fill me,
fulfill me….. fulfill me,
Jesus died for u men do u feel me?
The devil is trying so hard to decieve me,
Decieve me ??? …..believe me,
God on my side so the devil cant reach me,


Lord of all Creation


The Lord of Salvation) *2
#Verse 2

If its all about delivery,
God i pray you improve my delivery,
But most of all you deliver me ,
Yeee, from the snares of the enemy,

I’ll let let them know you are my remedy,
Readily steadily you deliver me internally,
Ready made remedy you deliver me externally,
Yeeh , life u gave me eternally,
Alinipa kipaji nina roga roga,
I have a dream bado ninasonga songa,
Na nina flow kama oga oga,
Mziki itafanya nikavuke boarder,
Kutoka kuride tu boda boda,
Hadi kuspin tu a white Range rover,
If you didn’t know Am just an ordinary rapper ….


#Verse 3

There can only be one King,
Am A son of a king,
I know one thing for sure,
I can do everything,
He owns the universe,
He so universal,
He really loves us,
He loves us y’all

I feel like telling you am preaching today,
JESUS loves you each and every day,
You Ought to follow him He is the only way,
Hes willing to trade in joy for your pain,

In my sickness he be my HEALTH,
In my weakness he be my STRENGHTH
Poverty …………………..WEALTH,
In the Desert he be my only WELL,
I be so shallow he be my DEPTH,

Siogopi in the valley of shadow of death,
Because I fear no evil,
And most def i fear no people.

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