ObEy YoUr ThIrSt

Poetry By UbaWilson



If writing on walls is the beginning of being digital

Then we’ve got nothing on Street Graffiti Artists

And if sharing posts makes us more social

then i think we should leave that to KPLC

Wait, Wait….
Before you say anything, listen

I’m just trying to make a point

that everything is not as we think they are

In fact they are very different

Check it

Most guys believe that when they rest

they’ll be refreshed

If that’s the truth

Then those who’ve rested in peace
are more refreshed than we’ll ever be

But I know through John 4:14 that true

refreshment comes from Jesus the Christ

One that creates a spring within us

See in the beginning was the word,
and the word was with God and the word was God

So we don’t need Microsoft to Excel

Since Christ, Ctrl A then deleted our sins

then finally pressed…

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