ARt ThAt bLeeDs hOpE

Poetry By Mosam


Walking down the early of life every morning when the sun rise,ideas in my head ringing.
Arranged in musical notes and keys ringing bells of hope,hope they’ll open white doors for me and end this black thought in my zone like my boy Willie..
Writing poems and sixteens trapped behind bars killing..
Pessimism,free in a state of mind no colonialism.
Always touching heaven when am kneeling so to me,
sky ain’t the limit..
It’s a point of view coz i look up to the most high i know you feel me,
every time am rolling my 100 mills of bullet points but still,
am first short before you.
So i choose to stand tall not still coz word is bond.

With my flaws I’ll flow coz by the rivers of Babylon,i just cant afford to sit and reminisce on Zion coz am looking forward to a new Jerusalem… Can i hear somebody say an Amen…
Hey men,you got to understand your different.
So like them,you ain’t gotta bleed;blood,sweat and tears
for on the cross Christ already did that for you,
so wipe your tears and be cleansed on his blood for how precious is thy flow.
With your art flow some hope to the kids with no bonds…
The only thing now left is sweat.
So on the cross road be the right thief so you wont be left when the sun goes up!
Put on the full armor of God and roll.

With the boots of good news like an observative man I’ll tell you let the word be spoken,coz you got the belt of truth

So flow ninja roll,each and everyday is a brawl ×3 )

With thy sword of the spirit,pierce through them ills in the society and bleed some hope coz you got the breast-plate of righteousness so you ain’t gotta be self righteous,
you are a revolutionary no self interest,change is the intent.

Get on top of your world shout it from your rooftop on top of your lorns and tell the world,man shall not live by bread alone, but by thy every word that proceeds from the mouth of God and thats why you quite your job of making bread rolls now you on drum rolls spreading love and hope in search of His kingdom and righteousness for soon enough,
each and everything you ever wanted shall be added unto you.
Go forth and tell these kids that education is not the key to success,it is simply the key to the room of improvement..
Tell them that video games are the main cause of broken homes and problems in marriages,
for they ever make you materially smart but socially a virgin for we ever trapped and oblivious to reality,
try’na play grand theft auto in a world full of manuals for life skills..
Go forth and tell all these university graduates,
that even though we live in Kenya,
u can never use a ‘mwakenya’ to pass the test of love..
U got to find God first,
coz God is love and this is art that bleeds hope




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