Power Of The Cross “Easter Recap”

Poetry By Kevtee


The power of the cross brought fourth forgiveness
The power of the cross is our salvation
By the power of the cross, we are Swagnation


Let us come together in one accord, directing all our praises up
Celebrate this moment with great joy for our saviour
Who bought us with a price and endured pain which was severe
Went through sorrows and tribulation so that you can afford to cheer
Faced temptations and overcame them to teach us not to fear
Taught in parables for us to emulate and adhere

He prayed to His heavenly father lamenting
“if though art willing,  take away this bitter cup”
He was comforted and never gave up
So that you can have overflow in your cup
The curtain of the temple was torn in two
So that we can have direct access to our father

He broke down into devil’s territory
So that He…

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