Poetry By UbaWilson


This is the story of a man, who met with death

and was like, wasshup??

And within three days He was up

The story of a man who who conquered death

For our redemption

This man’s name is Jesus the Savior

A man who is like no other

He, like anything on the moon; is impossible to put down

So hard, that after His resurrection, gravity had to give Him up

And now for us, giving up is a thing of the past

On that fateful day;

The sky turned black

For the light of the world had died

But that was just for a moment

It was part of the script

The curtains tore

For the play was still not over

The main character was still on stage

And the drama continued in hell

Where the gang of the damned got some mob

justice from one man

On the…

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