A Sexless Date

Poetry By Dayan Masinde


Excuse me single lady
Can I have some hours of your time?
This single man wants to take you out on a date
A sexless date
Please wear something decent
Don’t wear something that will tempt me
I want to focus on your inner beauty
Wear what will make me see the Queen in you
Let’s go for a sexless date, an intense date
A date where I study your eyes
As you tell me all the lessons life has taught
I want to be your student. In this class, there is no lusting after the teacher
Let’s go for a sexless date, that reveals your smile
That smile that so many men fail to see
Because they are focusing on your body
That innocent smile you had as a girl, now defined as a woman
Let’s hold hands as we stare at God’s sky
Bump shoulder to shoulder, as we walk with happy feet
Together let’s brighten the day of a stranger
Let’s witness the mystery that occurs when God’s children are out on a date. Daddy is watching
Let me make you laugh so hard
Till I see the filling the dentist put on your hidden molar teeth
Yes lady, let me see the things about you that you consider unattractive
Show me your true colours, even the ones you think need repainting
A sexless date; where you don’t tell me the size of your bra
But the size of your dreams
A sexless date; where I don’t tell you how hard you make me in my pants
But how hard it is not to laugh at your silly jokes
I have made some mistakes when dating before
You have been heartbroken by men who abused sex in the past
Let’s go for a sexless date that will purify
And remind us the wonder when sex is not the agenda
Let our eyes lock each other, you blush
Feel a warmth in me that is not removing your clothes
Stare into my eyes and see my soul
I am not perfect, but my intentions are not suspect
And after the date, let me escort you home sober
Don’t let me go inside you, help me to respect you
This date shouldn’t end with me getting lost in your wetness
This date should end with us finding ourselves in prayer thanking God’s goodness
I want to be that man who walks away from your gate with honour
The man who doesn’t complicate your life
When I get to my home, I will call you on the phone
You tell me you had a good time, and accept another sexless date with me.



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