Official Names; Benjamin Lubanga
>Born on *1st* of *January*
>I am *Born again* rooted in the word
>I am *Indian* at heart but Kenyan by birth…but lets just say am Indian
>Music Director at SwagNation_Ke
> A *Renegade*
> *Favourite meal* :Chapo…Kamande,pasta
>Worst meal: I guess by now he eats everything
> *Hobbies*..Music_singing_playing Guitar , Reading
>Married to the lovely wife with whom I have a lovely family with and *we doing well*..we thank the Lord This is by faith…but am Currently *Single*
>mmmh..what you don’t know is that i have a talent in Art_Drawing
> *music* is my passion and *Art*..any form of art

Parting words
1. *Do It Now*
2. *Every Word has power so watch your words…Even God created the world with words He didn’t pray… And we are made in God’s image and likeness…so our words have power to. So create your world how u would want it to be*

Instagram/Twitter/Facebook @BenjieLubz

Benjie - 1



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