Markus Mwanik

Markus MwanikOfficial names; Mark Mwaniki                                                                                                           *Born in September
*I am a born again Christian…and proud to be one
*I am a proud Kenyan …Najivunia kuwa Mkenya
*Digital Markerter, Assistant Photographer and Event Organiser at SwagNation_Ke
*I am a proud father of one beautiful princess, a photographer but a teacher by proffesion- Mwalimu
*My favourite meal is Ugali ..Beef stew and Sukumaki
*My worst meal is Managu..terere…
*My hobbies are swimming …photography…music.
*I am in a seroious relationship to a lovely angel who i only got to meet by Gods grace
*..hmmm..something people dont know about me. ….i have a phobia for cold water and insects..wait ..anything crawling or flying
*My passion is art. ..anything involving art…music..poetry…music… name it
*Parting words…The worst thing in life is not knowing your purpose…Pray and yearn to know your purpose …and live fulfilling it.

Instagram/Facebook/Twitter @markusmwanik





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