Inspiring stories #13

Let’s see it this way,,, you are a person walking down the streets. You come across that kid sitting on the cold veranda. She is hungry, cold, and weary. Come to think about the dangers she is exposed to, she is dirty, almost naked, ugly looking to ordinary eyes, and the bottle of gum in her mouth for breakfast and without assurance of anything else. You don’t know her but compassion drives the better part of you. You feel pity, love and kind of responsibility and decide to take her with you. You give anything needed to care, love and nature the child. You struggle to give love that she was never aware of, show her how much she means to the world, help her realize she is worthy ;give her hope and power to keep her moving..
In one way or another she sins against you. She is filled with guilt. She can no longer approach you, can’t look in your eye. She suffers in silence. She is not sure if you can love her again. Communication ceases. All falls apart in her life. She is desperate. How much she craves for forgiveness.

You are hurt, feel Betrayed all because you are human, All the same you forgive her due to the love you have for her. All you need is for her to confess, release her feelings and build back the connection you foundationed together.

Same way, God picked you up. All messy with sin. Cleaned you up and continued to love you unconditionally. When you sin you feel guilty. Feel like you lost it all. *You* *doubt* *your* *salvation*. Feel like things are not going to be the same. ;all God awaits is for you to confess and build the connection again.

Dear child that feel like it’s over, stop locking your self out. Stand up, dust off, wipe your tears and confess,

*He* is waiting for that very voice.

*#FridayHangout #SwagNation_Ke #salvation*



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