⁠⁠⁠I am Oscar Charbel
Official name Oscar Ngarari
Birth date-7th, September
Am a very very active member of SwagNation_Ke
Describing myself in three words…am humble, peaceful and God-fearing
I love Nyam chom(generally all other kinds of meat)
My worst meal is Wimbi porridge
I like travelling, acting n socializing soo much
Am single at the moment (lol) Am a ps lover(fifa unidrive crazy)
I have a passion in artistic fields(acting, singing, photography, drawing/painting, dancing etc) n in helping others i.e. the under privileged persons in the society n many many others(siezi maliza list ya what am passionate about) My parting word is, UP TO THIS FAR I/WE AV REACHED NI GOD TU…..ANADESERVE SIFA ZOTE MILELE N MILELE


Fb-Oscar Ngarary



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