Minish“ *I am Swag *My fam & fans refer me as @Minish_Ke * Official Names Minishi Lugonzo Desterious * I am #MarchBoy 3rd * SwagNation_Ke is where my talent is to be discovered * I do lifestyle blog on * My best meal is #RiceFishChapo ……worst meal sinangaah! * Talking of hobby I love travelling, Socializing and Social media is my dairy food * Am part of #KOT platform pale twitter * I am Nish-Important to you-Social-Humble and have got a serious passion in Deejaying since am an Awesome guy * Minish is Single *
Hidden me: > I love comedy, fun, I can be crazy sometimes and you don’t have to be crazy to be my friend and making new friends to be part of myself * I don’t brag on celebs but yesterday I heard my dad referring to God as his father * Believe in our Father God juu he never disappoints wakidii wake, Work hard, remain humble and remember your story *
* Nii kubwaaaaa# ”
Here are my Social Media Platforms
Facebook: Minish Nish SnapChat: @Minish_Ke
Twitter: @Minish_Ke Instagram: @Minish_Ke
Blog: >>>





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