13445264_830696067061924_5668257995251802607_nPoetry By Mufasa
There are things about me you should know
So just incase you are reading this… Hi!
My name is Kibet, but most people call me Mufasa
I spend my day uprooting words from the floors of my soul
My mind has doors, some thoughts have locked themselves at the back
You should know I cut my nails after every two weeks
The 1st name that hits me when I see a dog, is snoopy!
And blue is not my favourite colour
But I don’t mind if you come out of the blues
I know you are beautiful because that’s how I will notice you
I know you have a smile that stretches like a hand that’s why people around you always feel touched
I dont know if the first time you say hi my ear lobes will lock rhythm with my eardrums and make music that will last from ear to ear
But I know what will attract me to you will be how strong and happy you are under the wings of a King of kings so my mind will find vision in your words when you say, God bless you!
I know I will love you because that’s the reason I will be with you
But I know I will love you more because of your relationship with God
when am away and I fall, you will send prayers that will pick me up
The soles of my feet will always touch the ground because your knees touched the ground for us
So I hope you won’t mind that I took the time to know you first..
That my lips found the words to describe you before they could find a way to kiss you
And hey, the day I take you down the aisle forget about numbers,
African as I am there won’t be a number 3 or 2
you won’t even need to be number one when you will be the only one
It’s why am not looking to fly with love,
I am seeking to sink in love
I mean we won’t need wings like cupid
just a ground at the bottom of our hearts where we can bury the goosebumps that make us fall in love and let them die within us
then I won’t even need tomorrow
to know that I loved you forever.
But am not naive,
I know, I know as years go by we will introduce each other to new imperfections
So of course we will fight
Of course I will see you smile and I will see you mad
Of course I will have you hold me and I will have you push me
And am here training, praying, that my anger will always find a reason to pause on my elbow,
My elbow will fold so I will never know how to raise my hands on you and the rest of my body will never have to know how it feels like to regret hitting you
Even though right now I am sure my feet cannot stand that
And if you have a past…
I have a past too
I just have faith my romance will grow masseuse hands and try to massage the tense in your past
I say try because some memories have found untouchable corners inside us and no matter how much we stir our stomachs they will not come out
And maybe they shouldn’t,
Maybe the throat doesn’t need to be reminded of the pain that passed through when we swallowed them
Maybe you just need to know that I will be there
That I will know when to shut up, pull a chair, sit next to you and just love you
And maybe you need to know that I will know how to protect you..
Not by having a gun,
If I wear the full armour of God, my breastplate of righteousness will protect your heart
So when we fight for us and God gets us through crack of dawn, crack of lips, and we win and still be together at 50,
Write me a letter when am out of town and put butterfly stamps on it.
You won’t have to write much, I’ll just need to be reminded that even at 50,
you still give me butterflies!
Mufasa (c) 2014



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