PatohName : Patrick Muturi aka patoh, Tush, patush

Home : Thika 237

Bday… 13th Sept got to know we birthday mates with @markusmwanik / @karanjathuku

Role :sound dept, Giving ideas on how to advertise SwagNation, events, increase popularity, bona-fide member of SwagNation .
Myself :Business Oriented, born again, leader(politics)

Favorite meal: pork, pizza

Worst meal: matoke… Even the name itself

Best moment:when I drowned in a swimming pool,sema kungangana… adrenaline manenos!

Worst moment:winning Samuc elections for the second time then the elections were nullified!

Hobby :swimming, soccer, traveling, socializing, making jokes

R/ship status :single

Something people don’t know about me : am a CEO in the making

Passion :being the best entrepreneur, showing footsteps of mercy to the less fortunate and charity work

Parting shot :my all time favorite verse, Phil 4:6-7


Patoh - 1



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