We have been looking at #LoveCantStaySilent. How God loved us so much and through His love we have love and should share it. As Kenyans let us Love.Because where there is Love there is Peace, where there is peace there is prosperity ..Join us and pledge peace
#IpledgePeaceKenya 🇰🇪 A peace campaign by @SwagNation_Ke urging Kenyans to be agents of peace advocating for a tribalism-free Kenya. For we should embrace the different,unique tribes we have and enjoy the different cultures and diversity thus live us brothers for our country is ours as a whole no matter the ethnicity. Kenya is our homeland and God has endowed us with alot of beauty in Kenya.lets live in peace us brothers and sisters.Join the movement and pledge peace #IpledgePeaceKenya 🇰🇪
You can support us by joining the conversation #IpledgePeaceKenya
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