THE ONE – Markus Mwanik


This one.. is going to be a short one .(sighs)
So its every girls dream to find the one,
their one true love, their night and shining armor,
their tall, dark and handsome, yes…. that one.
They happen to search in all the odd places except that one place.
They try every trick in the book, and not just that one book,
but every book they can find except that one
the BIBLE, the word of the one ..the one true God,
one sent to save mankind, each and everyone.

It is unfortunate that they go kissing each frog that comes their way,
one after the other.. and one by one….. they crush their hearts,
their dreams, their hope of finding the one.
It is saddening when they actually find the one,
the one they have been waiting , praying and fasting for,that one,
but put that one aside and…

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