SwagNation End Of Sem Report

Thanks for those who came today for the organising meeting
Just a summary of what was discussed


SWAG <Saved With Amazing Grace>
For it is by GRACE you have been SAVED, through faith and this not far from yourselves, it is the gift of God not by works so that no one can boast Ephesians 2:8-9

SwagNation_Ke is a movement of young, and gifted youth, with a passion to demonstrate and minister the love of God.
We aim at creating an atmosphere where we as youth may tackle issues affecting youth from a Christian perspective and utilize our God-given talent (poetry, singing, dancing, instrumentalists, deejay) to the best of our ability to the glory and honor of our creator.


☆Biblically Grounded – Our foundation and guide is God’s word.
☆Passionate – We’re zealous for Christ, His mission, and His heart and we express it in all we do because want the whole world to know.
☆Excellence¬ – We always give our best effort in all we do since Christ gave it all on the cross.
☆Integrity – We are accountable to our commitments and true to our principles as Christians.
☆Humility – Christ’s example of sacrifice makes us dependent upon the Holy Spirit for strength, keeps us willing to admit where we’re wrong or need correction, and helps us recognize our need of others.
☆Team – We build kingdom connections and work together within the diversity of God’s Family.
☆Continuous Improvement – Even when we do our best, we look for opportunities to learn from our experiences then work smarter and harder.
☆Fun – There is freedom in Christ to be the special creation God made you so do it and have a good time doing it when you can.

3. #EORO
Each One Reach One
Next term we are planning to reach out to the freshers and befriend them ..passing the love of Christ


Creating Awareness of SwagNation by using posters, banners, bookmarks, t-shirts and more so word of mouth


We hop to register the group in school…thus. we will register with Sharon ..only 50/ per semester


We will have a tree planting day on a proposed day that is 20th October


We agreed we should take it upon ourselves to share Christ through social media and be active and participated …starting with this Friday where will have #SwagNationHangouts on Twitter same time 4pm
Also we support SwagNation by following, sharing , retweeting, favouriting
@swagnation_Ke – twitter/Instagram/Facebook/soundcloud/YoutTube
http://www.swagnationke.wordpress.com – our blog
7. #IpledgePeaceKenya

A piece campaign bt SwagNation_Ke

8. #SwagNationMusicProject

All SwagNation artist joining up to do one song with the theme saved with amaizing grace


Due to long chat conversations ..its hard find the important info on whats app ..In order to see important notices from the Executive team go to search and look for #NOTICE


We thank for successful Hangouts, High School Missions, LoveCantStaySilent Event and growth in SwagNation. BE BLESSED



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