Where are the Christians?

Poetry by Jemimah Wangui


Would you buy a product from a person who has never used it? Because we Christians preach a God we don’t believe in. So many times the gospel remains behind our eyes and at the tip of our lips, using mimes o a crowd that is potentially blind, now they can’t see the God in us. We preach love but they find us hating and judging. They hear about his faithfulness but we are the ones using shortcuts and backdoors living with a fake it till you make it mentality. We talk about his light while we live in darkness, so now they can’t tell the difference between the world and us .With these hands we praise him ,and with the same we hold fists ready to attack those we call ‘sinners’. So tell me does the pot have the right to call the kettle black?

We have become godless men who have changed the grace of our God into a license for immorality. It’s now hard for us to promise them freedom while we are slaves of depravity. Truth is, there is water in our gospel, because how can we preach against adultery while we are spiritual prostitutes, and it’s a shame how we stand on these pulpits and pews yet the God we claim to know has been summarized in our pocket bibles and crosses around our necks!  Where are the Christians?

We have centered so much on religion, paying little attention to Christianity. We are so quick to build churches yet our hearts which are supposed to be the foundation have nothing to do with Christ. We think that we can use our good acts to cover for our sins yet he calls them filthy rags. We behave like those who used to make sacrifices to cleanse their sins yet every ritual was just a reminder of their sins. God’s attention can only be captured through obedience. By one sacrifice he made us perfect so now his laws are in our hearts and written in our minds but we have become quick to speak and slow to listen. We have been labeled hypocrites and made him look like a liar and a thief, smearing dirt on a perfect picture so now they will never get to his bigger picture.

So it’s time to take a stand. You are either hot or cold. There are no grey areas or blurred lines; he will speak the lukewarm out. Here is the truth .Being born in a Christian family doesn’t guarantee your salvation .Being part of a congregation doesn’t  mean that you have a relationship that you have relationship with God  and having a Christian name doesn’t automatically make you Christian. The heathens saw the apostles at Antioch and called them Christians, so let our conduct thoughts and deeds reflect the Christ in us .Christianity is not just a noun but a doing word, It’s not just a Sunday affair but a daily commitement.Christianity is not a title but a daily commitment. So let us quit exchanging his truth with lies. He is Holy, he is Holy, and He is Holy.

If we are a reflection of his perfect will, let even our shadows bring them close to him .It is not and has never been about us, not about what we do for him but what he can do in us. There is no higher calling than that of worship and there is no better example than Christ to follow, so in the name of the father, son and the Holy Spirit let the Christians arise.



3 thoughts on “Where are the Christians?

  1. So true!.. may the Holy Spirit dwell in us to show us the right path that we may make everything in our lives about God and Christ. May we be true Christians.

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