DAWN🌅 – Franking x Benjie (Lyrics)

Lyrics of the song Dawn by Franking * Benjie


Let the morning bring me word of your love for me
Show me the way I should go, what I should do, for unto you I lift my soul.

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God
And the word was God,
He created the Heavens He created the earth,
Without Him there is nothing you do the Math,
The Lord is gracious abounding in Love,
God is not a man that He should lie,
The word of God is flawless and I was so lawless ,
but he came into my life and he changed all the concepts,
He does what he says and he fulfills his promise,
Tomorrows catered for so I ain’t got no worries,
I ain’t got no worries.. I ain’t got no ngori ,
He’ll forgive me my sins if I say that I’m sorry,
The Lord is a consuming fire ,
He goes ahead of me like a devouring fire,
So my enemies stand no chance,
You ain’t got nothing if you ain’t got Christ.

Let the morning bring me word of your love for me
Show me the way I should go, what I should do, for unto you I lift my soul.

He’s not a God of disorder but a God of peace,
Do good , sure ,
For such God is pleased,
God is light ,in him there’s no darkness ,
I am not my own like my life’s been purchased,
Nikiwa na God ,me nastand tall
Ju bila God me siwezi stand at all,
God is spirit so I worship him in spirit and in truth,
I worship his name saying the Lord is Good,
In the bad and the good you still wonderful,
Majesty, you still beautiful,
Yours is power greatness and the glory ,
Yours is the Majesty anhttps://wordpress.com/post/swagnationke.wordpress.com/788d Victory,
Worthy is the Lamb that was slain x2
Ain’t no other name like His Name x2
If you don’t have Jesus you not in the game.
Spoken word : psalms 150

Hallelujah playing in the background.

You can listen to the song on soundcloud   https://soundcloud.com/franking_musiq/dawn-benjienagod-x-frankingnagod-prod-by-ondiko   or download it from mdundo http://mdundo.com/song/63785

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One thought on “DAWN🌅 – Franking x Benjie (Lyrics)

  1. Reblogged this on SWAGNATION_KE and commented:

    This song was released on a day like this one year ago
    So what is #Dawn all about?
    >Talks of Deliverance
    >Breaking forth- quite noted when the morning brings in Light after darkenss
    >An encouragement to guys that it’s a time of release from Bondage and all as we give Reverence to Him thro praising His Holy name (when our praises go up His glory comes down) which liberates
    >We should Worship God in Spirit and in truth- that’s presenting our bodies as living sacrifices Holy and pleasing to Him so emphasises on Holiness.
    >Dipping ourselves in the word so that we may know this God for ourselves coz you can’t Worship Him if you don’t know who He is

    You can now download #Dawn by BenjieNaGod and FrankingNaGod on mdundo

    as well as on you tube

    FrankingNaGod has been able to release another song amazing Perception do check it out


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