More about SwagNation_Ke

These are some of the initiatives we have as SwagNation_Ke



We have themed events once/ twice in a semester where we get to minister through performances – music, spoken word, charity, photo-shoots, hikes and so much more.




A peace campaign by SwagNation_Ke urging Kenyans to be agents of peace, advocating for a tribalism-free Kenya. For we should embrace the different, unique tribes we have and enjoy the different cultures and diversity thus live us brothers for our country is ours as a whole no matter the ethnicity. Kenya is our homeland and God has endowed us with a lot of beauty in Kenya. Let’s live in peace us brothers and sisters. Join the movement and pledge peace #IpledgePeaceKenya
You can support us by joining the conversation #IpledgePeaceKenya on social media.




This is an Interactive Forum where we get to tackle issues affecting youth from a Christian perspective. In addition we have a lot of fun interacting as well as making new friends as we share in games and performances. SwagNationHangouts takes place every Friday from 4pm at Machakos University – room 13. The discussions raised are also shared on twitter thus for anyone who can’t be able to be with us, he/she can very much share and get involve through #TwitterChat #SwagNationHangouts



This is session whereby we just take time to worship God as we are led by some of our gifted worshippers and instrumentalists. Unlike our events the session is purely for praise and worship songs and lasts only for an hour. Finally after the session, there coffee is served as we get to interact with other worshippers. This seeks to unite worshippers all around Machakos as well as create some time out of our busy schedules just to worship God.




An initiative by SwagNation_Ke to use social media to witness Christ. As youth we this great avenue to preach Christ.

Many people don’t realize this cost. We still treat social media as if it is an exemption from being responsible for our words and actions.

We need to get over the power that makes us feel we can say whatever we want on social media, and instead embrace the power to say what only builds up. When we are doing this, we can use social media as a tool for change—something that would honor the life of Jesus rather than shame it.It truly is possible to live and love like Jesus on social media. It is possible to glorify God with our social media activity

Remember who is watching you in social media. The words we Christians say to one another and to others are on display for the world to see. This platform is an incredible opportunity to demonstrate the love of Christ in action.



As SwagNation_Ke we have partnered with Navigators Kenya – Machakos Branch and we have bible study every Tuesday from 4 o’clock. It is a very interesting session as we dig deep into Gods word with a desire to know Him more and understand His will for our lives. We get to do Scripture Memory, Discipleship, Evangelism and so much more.



This is an initiative of SwagNation_Ke whereby we share our stories, experiences of what we have gone through that have shaped us to who we are today and are testimonies to what the Lord has done in our lives. It is effective in ministry as people relate more and get a better understanding of who Christ is in our lives.


We minister to high school using our gifting.




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