Poetry by VeeyTendo

Son,while you were away
When you’d gone astray
And had left your fellow sheep
You’d left fellowship
I didn’t stop loving you
No,in my heart I still held you
I didn’t move an inch
From my mercies seat
I wasn’t out of reach
I was waiting for you to seek
My face
My arms have been wide open
To receive you,I was hoping
That soon you’d be back
And not show me your back

Welcome back to kingship👑
No,you won’t be a servant
I hope you remember how you used to wear your crown😉😜
Forget about the shame🙈
And watch me lift you to fame💪🏻
Stop looking away in embarrassment
Look me in the eye,come here for an embracement
Bring your brokenness
And let me mend your pieces
Will you trust?
That I will make them into something beautiful?
Bring your tears😢
Cast away all fears
Let go of the guilt
And let me uplift

Why hold on to what I have forgotten?
You have read my word,
Have you seen anywhere I lie?
Can I promise you life and let you die?
Or say that I’m the light
And let you roam in darkness?
Do you really get it when I say that I remember your sins no more?
For you,I have and will always fight
Your burdens I have and will always make light
So now,will you forget what lies behind
And let me make all things new?


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