#MyStoryMyTestimony – Wandeto

my-story-my-testimonyIts me  Victor Wandeto and this time I am sharing with you my Christian testimony as “Throne by Mwanga band” plays in the background.
I am sharing my account on how I have experienced Christ.
To begin with, I was born into a Catholic family and yes we all had our share of the Bible and I believe my mum and grandparents did their fair share tuning me into the frequency of Christianity but the message of salvation is one everyone kept away from.
I had a fair share of a brutal childhood and the reason I call it a brutal childhood is because it played part to one of the biggest struggles I would ever have in life -SEXUALITY!!!. As my friends share on their deliverance from things like drugs how I am glad that self control was granted to me by the holy spirit.
In class six a friend who I will only call as *D* introduced me to pornography.
I didn’t take it seriously then I thought I was being a cool kid, striking a deal with the house help to leave me and my friend watch and we’ll give her her fair share of TV time.
little did I know that this would shape up even my views on ladies and on how they should be treated.
come into highschool where now teenage-hood was at it’s best, where you start talking of girlfriends,sex, making out and big topic that people shy away from masturbation I will admit I had my share of it in highschool but little did I know what kind of pit I was throwing myself into. To tell you the truth,to me ladies were just toys that you could play with, throw away and you’ll have another one tomorrow. Yes, I believed I was a Christian simply because I went to church, but little did I know that I was simply in my own world with my own creation of a “god” who allowed me to get away with all this things, I bet even the idea of a wild campus played part too in my thinking, but today I have to say that indeed God deserves all the glory for what he has done in me. My friends laugh when I tell them I got saved after watching War room. This movie triggered something in me and slowly a process of reconciling with God started. I hadn’t attended church for almost 4 months. its that journey of taking caution on what I laid my eyes on after watching war room that triggered me to realising how much of a mess I was and after a month, I finally gave my life to Christ this year early march.
Christ has worked in me so much that I came to realize ladies aren’t toys, they are God’s creation and I should respect them fully. I have also learnt that my body is the temple of the Holy spirit and I should watch over it.
I tell you today if God could rid me off porn and get the addiction slide away, then my brethren there isn’t anything he can’t get you away from.
Daniel 4:2 says It has seemed good to me to show the signs and wonders that the Most High God has done for me.
and indeed today I couldn’t shy away from telling you this.

Markus mwaniki challenged us to give our testimonies and there is mine.
brethren let’s share what the lord has done for us, don’t fear what people will say about you because at the end its not about you being seen as high but for the glory of Jesus Christ to be seen.
its not about you its about Jesus.


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