Back to the days

Poetry by Markus Mwanik


copy-of-vintage-fashion-flyer1I want to go back to the days, not the days when lived in grass thatched houses and wore hides and skins, no… but back to the days….

Back to the days when there was a distinction between wrong and right, black and white, and not this shade of grey

The days when a wrong was not justified to be a right just because everyone was doing it

Back in the days when it was easy to tell the difference between a man and a woman by just looking at them, right now am not sure if its Audrey or Andrew…you tell me

When we had Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve

When skinny jeans were for actually for skinny people

Back in the days when marriage was sacred and meant going to church, in front of friends and family and making it official and not just changing…

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