Lateness To Church


Ever since I was born, I have never seen many people arrive late to the airport, when they’re traveling overseas. In fact, even when it’s raining,and the plane is taking-off at 11:00pm, this person will put on gumboots, Rain-coat or an Umbrella, and use every means available, be it a motorbike,or a 4 wheel drive, to be at the airport by 7:00pm, as he awaits his flight…wow! That’s how much people value traveling overseas!!

But on a Sunday morning when Church has long begun, that’s when you see men and women with ‘swag’ gliding like a wounded tortoise to Church. Worse still, when it rains, church records the poorest attendance. 
They only come to church on sunny days….Yes…They know they are late, but because they have a new Armani suit-on and the latest Michael Kors bag,which they feel everyone should see.

Church starts at 7:00 or 8:30am, but people will come at 10:00am, why? They think praise and worship is for the uncivilized.

If you think what I’m saying is a lie, just take the test to call them on Monday at 5:30am, you’ll realize they are already on their way to work, and some will be at work already. 
Most of this people wake up at 4am, to beat the jam, so that by 6am, they have paid cheep and up-in town in time, before traffic starts building…The price is the same on Sunday, [cheap] but sudden laziness for the things of God just makes them not see its value.

Going to the airport early and going to work early, far outweighs the need to go to church early.

They love the blessings, but the blesser is put on the side-lines, as they pa-sue what they think is important.
Yes, many times,such people are busy on weak-days, thus have no time for midweek services…eg prayer meetings and once per months night vigil….why? because they are attending evening classes, which they religiously attend in time. 
Infact, if classes start at 5:30pm, they will be in class revising by 5pm, and if their bosses are kind,they will borrow some time-off as often, to be in school by 4pm, to prepare for the evening sessions. 
Time is always available, for anything that adds value to their flesh, but their spiritual lives are put on the sidelines. I have no time to tell you how some of them, who are parents, will drive their children to school as early as 6am, before going to work, but have no time to wake the same children on Sunday, to attend Sunday school in their church?
Know this today, anytime you go to Church one minute late, you have NOT attended Church at all.
If Christ is saying ‘where two or three are gathered, I’m in their midst’, do you think He comes late?
The time you give is the time he keeps.
What does it mean to arrive late to Church
1) Disrespect to Christ
2) Betrayal of Christ
3) Disregard to the Church and the priest or Pastor
4) Interruption of church members,as they look behind to see or hear you matching to your seat with your high hill shoes.
Now consider all these, and tell me if this people have not sinned?
Keep in mind that the eternal flight is not a flight taking you overseas, but Heaven!

 Don’t miss it! Stop this habit, repent!
It hurts the Lord to see you punctual in other forums,while in his sanctuary, you are always late. Remember going to church early is an appointment with destiny, that is why he said “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.[Matthew 6:33]. This means,God should come first in the list of your priorities, so from today,let us set our priorities right.
God bless. Shalom!


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