God Over Pride – Poetry by BrainsArtHeart

My heart got vulnerable by the successes the world offeredFrom your presence I seemed to be drawn far

I got drunk by my own efforts and didn’t appear even for a second to be sober

I was a passionate scoffer

I never noticed my spirituality was heading a low bar

And Pride

Pride stole your Glory as it became the armed robber

With my hands finding it hard to be lifted high above

But folded them and asked,”and so who is God?”

I never guarded my heart with gratitude

But instead boastful nature became my attribute

And humility became its substitute 

And my heart got flattered 

A ‘Thank you God’ is a phrase my mouth forgot to utter

Repenting never seemed my worry

And slowly..

Was the pace I was falling 

I never took notice

I increased my list of wants and wants and wants

Untill I disappeared from your precepts and became a fugitive tagged ‘wanted’

I forgot how it felt to kneel

And got to devicing new ways to lean

My comfort zone 

Where I felt It was just me,myself,and,I

Just me alone

I felt I was sorted 

My house was in order

I didnt see the need to be in your arms

I felt I was warmer

I didnt quite thought I needed a savior…

Until God allowed me squander all the temporal wealth I had gathered..empty

Reached rock bottom

You reached to me reminding me you are my rock of salvation

That you had me in mind when you gave up yourself for the world and the nations

Your love I didn’t fathom..

How you didnt gamble waiting for my return as a prodigal son

But as a one lost sheep you left the 99 and came after me

I call that greatest comeback


You always draw me back to you

In ways thoughts patterns only you know how you do

A mystery 

How once I persecuted you with my words and deeds but today am devoted to your ministry

Let me focus on winning souls and also the ultimate victory

And never to be distracted with my past and history

Since your plans for me gives me a hope and a future

I was once a fugitive

But today I confess to serve you Lord,together with my house..

God at times I stumble

With only I to be blame

And so I won’t give any excuse otherwise I would sound lame

And arguing with you would subject your name to a profane

So let the only sound that proceeds my voice box today be your fame

Let no achievement whatsoever wrestle your name

When pride tries to peep

Let humility be my zip

Hide me

Get my mind to rewind

And remember that your own breath fills my lungs

Remind me that when I appear despicable in your face 

All I need to redeem me is your grace

Remind me

That you died my death

And I get to live your life

That am dead to sin 

And alive in righteousness

So kill it

Any element that may try to contend with my You-given Spirit

Dear God

When pride 

Tries to exceed your grace

Remind me that its your air that I breath

And let only your Glory be the element that I inhale 

And pride be the disaster that I exhale

And by that let me say ex hell.
Prov 30:7-9

“..Feed me with the food needful for me..”
Give me wealth that adds no sorrow
If my pride ever exceeds your grace God

Remind me

Its your air that I breath.





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