#TributeToMama – Poetry by Oeba

I use my Mother‘s second name for she is Masculine

With belly muscles that stretch from the1st,2nd,3rd to the 9th month

But even stronger lip muscles that uttered words that moved my soul.

Call it the strength of a woman.

Words that have hands that give motherly touch from my mother,in lone tones,wispers and murmur
Shes got figure ,trust me.

Forget about that for she is my fatherly figure

Number 8 wont match,she hits 1st in this chat list

not on the anatomy of the waist downwards

But from the neck upwards,now she is the head of the family.

This words are sick,she got blood pressure,that wont kill her

Her smile is sweeter than diabetes.

The immortality of her smile defy the fact from dust to dust

She is never upset, unlike the  soil when you add water,

She never turns Mad
She is the little kind of short people you will ever strain to look upto

you might confuse her head with a furnished 6 story building

For she is smart, upstairs

walked in rags and tartared clothes to feed us

Thats why she is ever smart up here

Her mind is a musculine belly with pregnant thought always expectant at heart.

So i dont need tyra to show her how much she is my role model

She dosent walk straight but trust me,the foot prints i follow from her are

she must not wear transparent cloths so that God can see her through,

She prospers.
Not good in football

but in everything she always chipped in,

Bet she had soo many goals in Life





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