This is a campaign aimed at promoting peace and raising up people who are committed to promoting peace in Kenya.
Our hope and prayer is that Kenya will have peace before, during and after elections.

#IpledgePeaceKenya is a commitment to taking an active role in promoting peace in Kenya.
Some of the ways we can use to see that there is Peace in Kenya include….

1. #PrayForKenya  #OnmyKneesforKenya

God is the prince of peace…He is the creator , He made us and knew us before we were formed in our mothers womb. He is  all powerful and nothing is to hard for him. Through him we can do all things.

Thus we have seen the need to pray …and stand in the gap for our country in prayer. Each day in the remaining days to elections we will take a few minutes in prayer for our nation. We have also set Wednesday as our day of prayer where each of us wherever we are , may take time to pray for our Nation. Through faith we believe that God will hear our prayers and answer us.

2. #IpledgePeaceKenya twitter drive (#TwitterThursday)

As youth we have been endowed with social media which is a great tool we can use to #PreachPeace.

Thus we have set Thursday to have a #TwitterDrive with the hash tag #IpledgePeaceKenya

Using the hash tag we will tweet about peace in Kenya.

We will also share images on Instagram and Facebook which promote peace using the same hash tag.

3. #FastingFriday

We will dedicated each Friday till we get to the elections for fasting – denyning oneself of something you hold so dear and would find it a real sacrifice to do without. You can do a wet fast where you dont take any food during the day but can occassional drink water or dry fast where you denie yourself both food and water for the whole date all the while meditating and in prayer for our Nation.

4. Change the environment by preaching peace #IchoosePeace

We pledge that as agents of peace whenever we are involved in a conversation/discussion be it at the local salon/kinyozi , in the matatu or in a group discussion on whats app we will show people of the need for peace. Especially during discussions that bring out political/ tribal differences we will preach peace.

We will also take the opportunity to preach peace in our ;

√school- to our classmates

√churches – at the youth fellowship’s or our fellow church mates

√WorkPlace – to our coworkers

5. #IpledgePeaceKenya Challenge

Take a short clip of yourself …Greet us (If possible in your mother tongue) tell as your full names , your tribe but be sure to mention that Kenya is bigger than your tribe, the need for peace in our nation and the beauty in diversity. Post the clip on all social media, be it twitter, facebook or Istagram and tag @ipledgepeaceke using the hashtag #IpledgePeaceKe

•Check out @ipledgepeaceke on social media ….Follow, Retweet, Regrann


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