A talk by Mr Waswa Canute 

We were priviledged to interact and have Mr Waswa, managing director at Outdoors Africa Limited on Sunday afternoon at the Navigators Office. He is a self-taught theologian, a family man, with but one wife and three beautiful children. 

Generally the topic of discussion was transitioning from univetsity life to the world .Below are just but afew things we talked about 

Some of the questions raised were 

  • The anxiety and frustration related to the job market after university
  • Career vs Ministry vs Entreprenuer

Mr Waswa got to share his story with us which was quite inspiring. What stood out was his strong realtionship with God.

  • Some of the important points were , Diligence – going that extra mile. Diligence is the differentiator. Prov 22:29 A man skilled in his work will stand before kings
  • The just will live by faith. God provides just enough light, just what you need to keep going.
  • Who you marry matters ALOT how your life will be, so you have to choose wisely.
  • It is good to be single and those who are single should use the opportunity they have wisely. Single people have alot of energy , alot of time and very few responsibilities. Though at the same time the lack in experience, networks and finance. At the time of singlehood , its the season to put down your non-negotiables (e.g your faith)
  • Know your season. May the Lord teach you how to number your days that you may develop wisdom.


   A lot of girls complain that guys walk away from them simply because,they refused giving them sex,some are even tempted to give away their virginity just to keep the guys
–  Let_Me_Be_Very_Blunt_Here…😇

Virginity may not be the real reason why the guys go away, yes, no doubt, there are several guys who want sex, and if they don’t get it, they walk away…😬
   The problem may not be the virginity or the sex…😎
   The story of the Ten virgins in the Bible reveals that both the wise and the foolish were virgins; the other Five were not allowed seeing the bridegroom not because they were virgins or because they lost their virginity…
   NO! But because they were foolish and they were called foolish because they had no EXTRA_OIL 🙌. And the EXTRA OIL here is CHARACTER!🙋
    Most girls do not have extra oil to sustain any relationship, while many brag about their virginity, that’s all they have to offer. 👤
Aside your virginity, what do you have to offer to a man?
– Can you support him spiritually?

– Can you support him physically?

– How about mentally?
All you do is demand money for bag 👜, shoes👠👠, clothes 👗👖👙, and outing, making him spend unnecessarily.
Have you ever sit him down, and you help him plan about his future?💭
Has he ever seen you as someone he can confide in?👫
How many times has he come being in a state of dilemma seeking advice from you?😭
Rather than jumping from one club to another. 😵😱
    And for the virgins,  they forget that virginity ends after the wedding, but EXTRA OIL continues…
Yes… Nobody is perfect… 

We all have our bad sides… 
Try to be a woman that a man will always regret losing for the rest of his life…
Be that woman that your man can never afford to lose to another man 😊.
Build your man to your taste… 

And stop looking for a ready made husband 😏😏😏.
* Force yourself on that rich dude that you didn’t work with to achieve what he has…, 

And hear the story of your life from him one day 😂😂😂.

– Did You Work With me to achieve all I’ve got? 

– Ever since you’ve entered this house… What has added to what you met?
* Note:

– There’s just nothing as best as building up your man yourself.

– And you will forever earn his #RESPECT

Author unknown 

Obedience To Christ



Obedience is the practical acceptance of the authority and will of God. It includes both submitting to Him and then expressing that submission in actions, words and thoughts.

To be obedient is to be in agreement with God

Disobedience, (doing anything contrary to Gods will) ,the opposite of obedience is caused by rebellion and distrust of God. It is to yield to self-will instead of surrendering to God and desiring His will in all things.

Believers are called to a life of Obedience.

  • You are a slave to who you obey Rom 6;16
  • God’s love is made complete through obedience 1 John 2;5
  • God values Obedience Exodus 19;5
  • God expects obedience Deuteronomy 11;26-28
  • To choose Christ is to choose obedience Luke 6;46
  • To become disobedient is to sin or rebel against God 1 Sam 15;22,23
  • Love and obedience go hand in hand John 14;21, John 14;15


  • Are there areas…

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Here are just but afew points of what was shared during #LustAndTheCity Machakos with Ernest Wamboye as the speaker

Bible Text -Genesis 2;15-25

Vs 15 ‘The Lord took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it. Eden means a place of delight and joy and so Adam was in a state of joy and delight before he met Eve. 

1. Adam had a relationship with God before he had a relationship with the opposite sex. Is God your delight? Your source of joy? Lord means one who has complete control of your life –who is the Lord of your life? For you to get delight and joy you need Jesus to be the Lord of your life. 

Are you a relationship atheist? In that you don’t believe there is God in your relationship. You allow God in your life except in your relationship?
2. Adam is given purpose by God. Purpose involves work. What is your purpose on earth? You were uniquely made with a unique task to fulfil. Believers have the task of the great commission – Mathew 28;19 ‘

Question; If all jobs paid the same, what would you do? What is your passion? Your spiritual gifts? Natural abilities? Acquired abilities? Personality? Your experiences? They make up who you are.

Are you missionary dating? – Dating with an unbeliever thinking you will convert her/him?

Don’t look to women/men for things only God can give. Its only God who gives direction, purpose, satisfaction.

‘Don’t look to women/men for things only God can give. Its only God who gives direction, purpose, satisfaction.’

3. Knowledge of the word of God made capable by the Holy spirit

-You need to know the scriptures thoroughly – Psalms 119;9,11

-God’s word is true even when I don’t think it’s true or don’t feel like it.

‘God’s word is true even when I don’t think it’s true or don’t feel like it.’

READ- Rev 1;3

HEAR – Romans 10;17

STUDY – Acts 17;11

MEMORISE – Psalms 119;9,11

MEDITATE – Psalms 1;1-3

PRACTISE – John 13;17

‘Going to church is good but it doesn’t make you a Christian more or less as standing in a garage doesn’t make you a vehicle/ mechanic.’

Going to church is good but it doesn’t make you a Christian more or less as standing in a garage doesn’t make you a vehicle/ mechanic.

Because men were meant to lead they should be truly grounded in the word – They need to disciple their children.

Knowledge of God is sexy – Kabla uende gym jiunge na Christ.

‘Knowledge of God is sexy – Kabla uende gym jiunge na Christ’
‘Whatever sustains a relationship/marriage is the word of God because it last forever.’

‘If beauty mattered in marriage/relationships; Hollywood marriages would be the ideal, …..but they are NOT.’

Its only after Adam had ; had a relationship with God, had a purpose and knowledge of the word of God, did God say vs 18 ‘It is not good for the man to be alone, I will make a helper suitable for him.’
Adam was the only human being on earth and trusted God for a partner…why do you panic when you haven’t found the one, yet there are over seven billion people on earth?
Vs 21a ‘So the Lord God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep’

Deep sleep- peace 

God gave Adam peace

When you are ready you must have the peace of God by trusting in Him – Trust Gods timing.
Vs 22a ‘Then the Lord God made a woman from the rib 

God made/fashioned the woman – Made Eve for Adam

The woman was not made from the feet to be stepped on by the man , or the head to compete with the man but from the side/rib to walk side by side
Vs 22b ‘He brought her (Eve) to the man (Adam)

God brought Eve to Adam

For the ladies

 – Don’t be anxious that he hasn’t seen/noticed you, God will bring Him to you.

If you attract him with your burst, he will get one with a bigger burst – busted!

‘Ladies, if you attract him with your burst, he will get one with a bigger burst – BURSTED!!’

Vs 23 The man said. ‘ Finally! One like me, with bones from my bones and a body from from my body.She was taken out of a man , so I will call her woman. ERV

Finally / At last – Adam finds bone of his bones

The man has to make a move –decide and make a decision.

Don’t invest in a relationship if you don’t expect to reap from it – you defraud another. So as to avoid defrauding another ; 

You need to have boundaries – Emotional, physical and spiritual boundaries. 

Avoid spending time and having conversations exclusively.

Get to know a person in a group – you get to see the person in totality.

In Sherie Grafs book, there are five levels of a conversation

Bio-data – basic information e.g. name, age, occupation, likes, residence (probably already provided on Facebook)

Testimonials – general experiences

Dreams and aspirations – your passions

Fears – phobias, deep reservations

Hurts – emotional wrecks

Our vulnerabilities fall under level 4 and 5.We are warned against sharing our vulnerabilities exclusively with persons of the opposite sex.

The only best friend from the opposite sex should only be your wife/husband.

Vs24 ‘That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh’

Some would say  Adam did not have a father/mother yet Moses ( the writer of Genesis) mentioned this verse…….this verse was not for Adam but for us

Vs 25 ‘Adam and his wife were both naked and they felt NO SHAME.

Naked without shame.

When we use sex without God it brings shame and nudity – distortion of Gods plan

‘When we use sex without God it brings shame and nudity – distortion of Gods plan’
‘Purity is more than your physical virginity, purity is from the heart’

Sex is talked about in the bible without shame e.g Proverbs 5;18-19 , Songs of Solomon 1;2




Male irresponsibility in our time is something to worry about. Our female counterparts seem to be sensing this as well. It seems like 30 is the new 18 for most of us. An average man in our generation wastes his twenties and sobers up when he reaches third floor. Often by that time, several relationship mistakes, sexual errors, financial flops and health hazards have been incurred into the account of his life. You must hear me well, Beloved. I am not talking of responsibility as having lots of money in your bank account, being married by 27 or having built a tiny empire with your name on it. You can have all those three things and still fail to be man enough. By responsibility I mean the most base definition- good stewardship of one’s life. Male irresponsibility based on this can be classified into four categories, based on 4 biblical examples:

When Adam was confronted by God for eating the fruit, his classic response was, “It’s the woman’s fault!” The premier sign of an irresponsible man is failure to own up to his mistakes. Our world is full of Adams. Adams often blame the evil outside of them for the things they do wrong. But Adams fail to understand that the evil outside is only magnetic to the evil inside of them. Adams blame the guy who sent them the porn link. Adams blame the economy. Adams blame the lady who kept coming over to their house dressed in a short skirt. Adams blame everyone but themselves. And this is classic male irresponsibility. Adams must know that their behaviour reveals a lot more about themselves than their situations and circumstances.


When Cain was confronted by God for killing Abel, his brother, he acted nonchalant. When the curse for his sin was meted out, he laments by saying, “My punishment is more than I can bear” (Genesis 4:13). Cain then exaggerates God’s words and pulls a self-pity card on how he will suffer and how people will kill him. Cain’s irresponsibility is expressed in being a drama queen. Deceased Abel is the victim here but somehow Cain throws a tantrum to make it all about him. Cains overreact to draw attention away from their mistakes. When they are busted by their girlfriend flirting with another girl on whatsapp, they get into a fit saying something akin to this: “Why are you going through my phone’s privacy!” It’s not about the privacy, man; You are cheating on your girl!


Samson lived an immoral life and got himself in the lair of Delilah. Like a deadly black widow spider that kills her male partner after mating with him, Delilah clearly tries to destroy him twice but he foolishly remains in her presence and eventually loses his strength, his eyes and God’s presence (Judges 16:20) when she betrays him. Samson lives recklessly for as long as he has his super powers. He does not seem repentant until the end of his life (Which lands him in the Hebrews 11 hall of faith, by the way). However, Samsons think that their strength in one area in life compensates in their weaknesses in other areas of life. “I’m a gambling addict but at least I am faithful to my wife.” “I’m masturbating but at least I pay all my bills.” It is a don’t-care attitude at the end of it all and it is classic male irresponsibility.


David took another man’s wife (2 Samuel 11). He had sex with her and got her pregnant. To cover up the pregnancy, he had the woman’s husband come home from duty in battle to sleep with her so that he may think the baby is his and not David’s. When it fails, he gets the man drunk. But the drunk husband has more sense than David in his sobriety. He doesn’t go home to sleep with his wife. He goes to work for the night shift. When all attempts fail, David kills the man and then comforts the wife for the loss. Davids go to great lengths to cover their mistakes. They commit greater evils to cover their reputation. They want people to think they are righteous. Davids give their girlfriends money to abort the baby born out of wedlock so that they can look like good Christians. Davids backstab their partners in crime and even act disgusted when the crimes are mentioned (See David and Nathan in 2 Samuel 12). But the cover up tactics of David only reek of male irresponsibility.

Our society is full of Adams, Cains, Samsons and Davids. But there is hope, forgiveness and grace for these men to be like Josephs, Calebs, Josiahs and ultimately like Jesus. Male irresponsibility can be cured by the Gospel of Christ and our men can be redeemed from and forgiven for their mistakes. 

#ShapedForService ~Pst Ezekiel

Trinity Chapel Machakos

Some very important questions to ask ourselves; Why were you made, What is the purpose of life, for what reason are you alive and breathing today?

You can come up with so many justifiable and right answers but I will tell you the most simple and the bottom line is, you were made to serve, period.

From now on, any definition of a successful life must include serving others. –George Bush

“At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done. We will be judged by “I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in.”  ― Mother Teresa

KJV Dictionary in summary defines the word serve as work done for other people or for…

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Sexual immorality is on the increase all over the world. Adultery is fast becoming the norm and men of God are also joining the club. Married women are not left out, many are having secret lovers and emotional affairs are becoming the order of the day.

The rate at which immorality is increasing is alarming! It is spreading fast into every nook and cranny and children are also being initiated into the club. It’s no news that 4, 5 years old kids now have sex with each other. Staying sexually pure these days is becoming a Herculean task.
One of the reasons people fall flat into illicit sex is over confidence. The stupid belief that you can be free around the opposite sex and nothing would happen!
A lot will happen! One of the ways you can stay sexually pure whether married or single these end time is to set strict boundaries. If you are too careless around the opposite sex, you will fall flat on your face! That is the truth. The ealier you believe this and work on it, the better. You can’t be careless around the opposite sex and hope to stay sexually pure, set boundaries!
There are some people who can’t be your friends, raise the standard. Any body can call you names, that’s their headache, you have your destiny to protect. As a rule, I don’t make friends with liars, gossips and jealous women. They make life so complicated. If you believe in illicit sex, we can’t be friends, period!

Monitor your chats. Don’t allow anybody send you flirty messages, no matter how innocent it sounds, warn them and if they refuse to stop, block them!
Limit the hugs and touches. I don’t hug men as a rule. If I must hug, my husband must be around and you should hug both of us. If your hugging anointing is only for women, I want none of it.
Don’t allow anybody call you pet names (except your close family members and same sex friends), it doesn’t make any sense. Pet names turn the opposite on, if you don’t know that, know it right now.
Be sensitive to attractions. Don’t be naive around the opposte sex, know when a man/ woman is sexually attracted to you and move back from that person. If they focus too much on your physique and body, they are sexually attracted to you, move back.
Know when you are sexually attracted to someone and move back. It’s perfectly normal to have chemistry for someone. Marrying the greatest man on earth or the most beautiful, virtous woman in the universe will not automatically stop you from being attracted to someone else. Know when the thought of another man/ woman get you excited and move back.
Don’t jump at new relationships. Give it time. Study the person, know what they stand for, see if your core values are compatible, if not, move back!
Leadership attracts all kinds of people. If you are a leader or you are gifted, talented or intelligent, the opposite sex will show more interest in you, be careful whom you allow to get close to you.
Accepts gifts with care. Men don’t joke with their time and money. If he spends so much time and money on you especially when you do not ask, he may one day ask for sex. Stop begging men for money. Work with your two hands and raise your standard. Men will respect and honour you for it.
Work on your marriage. Fix the problem as soon as possible or else you get attracted to someone who gives you what you lack in your marriage, adultery is the result.
Be prayerful, be watchful. Jesus says “watch and pray that ye may not fall into temptation…”
Don’t stay with the opposite sex in a dark or lonely room.
Don’t counsel the opposite sex on a bed in a lonely room.
Avoid provocative dresses and pictures. Let your spouse advice you on what is okay for you.

Mind the pictures you post on the social media, if it is getting unecessary opposite sex attention, delete it.
Don’t visit the opposite sex alone, it doesn’t make sense.
These and more are the things you need to do to stay sexually pure in this 21st century.
People may laugh at you, it doesn’t matter. They may call you a neurotic, psychotic, fanatic, over sensitive or paranoid, don’t give a damn! Your destiny is too precious to waste on the altar of sin. Avoid friends who make fun of holiness and make friends with people who appreciate purity and holiness. You will not fall in Jesus name. God bless you all.


Claudia Gray quotes, ‘Self knowledge is better than self control any day, Raquel said firmly. And I know myself well enough to know how I act around cookies.’

Leave the last part. 

I am a child of God and Everytime I am told on Sexual Matters, I should practice self control. 

Most times we practice self control not because we understand why we are doing it but because we were told to.

Today I would like you to just understand what your body is let’s go to 

1 Corinthians 6:19 

It says
*Do you not know that your body is the temple of the HOLY SPIRIT… who is in you, whom you have received from GOD you are not your OWN; you were bought at a price therefore honor GOD with your body.
You are the temple of the holy Spirit, do you want him to come into a filthy place to worship?.
A place filled with immoral thought, you are God’s child. 
The issue is always *LUST*
Truth be told, Marriage doesn’t solve The problem or MONSTER called *LUST* having a girlfriend doesn’t solve that but,
 having GOD and knowing who you are to him and what he wants for you is one step to the solution, 

(Here you have to read the word, to speak it, to pray it)
Knowing that indeed that lust is an issue to you is another step there.(Self Awareness)
 Then the third step is establishing how it affects you(what does it make you do? Is does it lead to fornication, masturbation all those sexual acts)
But of all things the first real deal is going back to the basics…
*An act before is becomes an act it is always a thought.*

How are the thoughts stirred up in you?
Knowing what triggers those thoughts:
Is It that series you’ve been watching….
 Is it that girl whose DP you are always stalking?
 Is it that friend who sends you suggestive texts?
Is it your girlfriend who dresses in a suggestive manner?
Then from there you can start self control not by CONTROLLING yourself when you are just about to think SEx or do SEX, but from the SOURCE.
That is real SELF CONTROL.

Why sex is for marriage ONLY & 8 benefits of waiting.

A Single Young Christian Mom


This topic sparks such a passion in me.  I know all too well the consequences of sex before marriage.  Now that I am in a relationship that has NOTHING to do with sex (yes, we have been dating almost 2 years, engaged for the last year, and have NOT had sex), I see the blessings and benefits in waiting for marriage.  Now it is clear to me that God made sex to be for marriage only, and I want to share what He’s taught me so far.

Before I had found and committed myself to following Jesus, I didn’t really see sex before marriage as a problem.  If we are have all these sexual urges and desires, it must not be a bad thing… right?  It was completely normal in my high school, actually.  I remember the pressure I felt to have sex with each boy I dated.  I…

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A christian perspective on social mediaPublication1

  1. What am I really posting?

What are the songs you’re sharing really saying? Is the language you are using honoring to God? Are you posting jokes with questionable humor? Make sure your statuses line up with the kind of thing

Philippians 4:8 Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable …if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things.

  1. Are you seeking to glorify God through social media?

“So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”1 Corinthians 10:31

Isaiah 43:7 – We were created for Gods glory,  when we stray from our life’s God-given purpose, we quickly fall away  where God wants us to be.

  1. Does social media lead you into sin?

If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out…

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