Lord I come to you…once again – Poetry by Markus Mwanik


Poetry by Markus Mwanik

Lord I did it again…and so…I come to you once again …not just as sinner but a foolish sinner…one who does things the same way each time expecting different results.

Lord I did it again, there I was with her , it started with simple teasing…nothing serious ,then things got interesting …and impure thoughts led to impure acts

I did it again Lord…forsaking eternal glory for instant gratification…gratification of the flesh..flesh..flesh that will die and rot some day.

Lord I did it again…all chill on my bed watching a movie …aiyaya ..things get triky ..and instead of fast forwarding … I take it in slow motion ….and slowly I get this urge to check out some naked ladies on ..you know that site ..doing some unmentionable things and I find myself doing some destable things all by myself..but hey no one is seeing me , am…

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#CrossEqualsLove |Poetry by Phay @SwagNation_Ke


As water flows Ina desert, land gives rise to green life.
So does Yahweh send forth his spirit and we are created, said the psalmist
For God created man to be immortal and in his own likeness, giving him brilliance of mind to choose good or its opposite.
He, being God, filled man with discipline of understanding but the creation forgot the creator.
But Jehovah being rich in love and slow to anger was full of compassion for his creation, He didn’t hold back John 3:16 For He loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life.
Life, eternal life was promised when Christ was born in a manger and assured when he rose from the dead.
In his 33years of life in a human form,one thing he taught, nothing makes a man unclean from the outside but what comes from the heart Mark 7:18
As he died on the cross, the gap between God and man was bridged, after the walls built by the evil one, prophets tried to ladder up with messages and prophecies.
Now most of us don’t know how the cross came to be, the crossing of two wills, God’s and ours, but surely one will had to dominate, God’s did
Christ came from the right hand side of God to salvage us by dying on the cross,
He carried our wicked thoughts and cleansed them by the thorns on his head
By the water that flowed from his Side, we were reminded of baptism
Our walks were limited to only the walks of Christ by joining his legs.
And after he defeated death, he crossed over back to the right where if we believe in the greatest sacrifice known to us
We surely be with him in eternal life.

#CrossEqualsLove |Poetry by Ranx @SwagNation_Ke

Thou Art

Before I met you, I was a neat mess
I was a reptile without scales
I was a cold blooded animal spitting venom in terms of profanity insulting people as if my insults were compliments and I honored it, I honored my words,
I took shots of rage from an absent father and drank to my fill, staggered my bitter soul down the runway that was painted in hatred without the fear of falling.
My staggering soul couldn’t help me that much so I got lost while trying to find direction from a broken compass,
While trying to compose colors out of faded walls,
Walls that freely offered silence form they were only structures that pretended to care about my loneliness,

I was equally quiet, I couldn’t express my views vividly instead,
I would down them with booze with the hope of waking up to a sober mind,
I used to fly across oceans of sadness and controversy,
Questioning your love since those who claimed to be your people were so religious,
I heard that their version of loving was segregation
They segregated our struggles while hiding behind the words of Saint Luke,
So I often found myself as the Malcom x in parliaments full of rabbis and scribes,
Yelling don’t shoot on the non-believers who were guilty of their innocence which was branded ignorance for they knew not about your existence,
For you were not a spirit whose presence could only be felt by the righteous ones nor an icon whom preachers and C.R.E teachers could emulate,
Your presence was omnipresent,
But who could listen to the epitome of disaster
Who could listen to an antagonist character who had several manuscripts of what his dooms day looked like, who could listen to a white washed tomb with solid bones,
Who could listen to stories of fortune narrated by tragedy who could listen?
And then I met you, I remember,
Blood rushed to my brain like a broken elevator, adrenalin held my voice captive
Anxiety had its hand on my heart and like a drum it beat in several tempos,
I was trapped at the tricks of time trying to figure out what was happening,
I couldn’t get a good look on you,
Your face was bloody, your skin was peeling off, the earth was shaking, curtains split and for three hours straight darkness had conquered the world.

You were surrounded but you felt alone
You sought for a father who had left you alone ,
The fragrance of the cologne you received on your birthday was now a sweaty stench of one whose back had carried fifty plus kilograms of lust of deceit of murder and false accusations on his back so I stood by watched a man of steel take three nails to his palms and his feet,
For when they insulted you, you didn’t insult back when they slapped you, you turned the other cheek and when they mocked you, and your volume remained mute

You took a gulp of the bitter cup without the fear of choking,
You’re the King who made family out of subjects and yet we spat on the plates we fed on,
Your soldiers had loaded rifles that engaged in friendly fire instead of fighting off enemies,
Some well most of them didn’t fight for you and I am sure they will regret it till their dying days,
For you were a worthy leader one who was resuscitated to eternity one who backed is prophecy with actions one who existed uniquely in a faction of twelve, himself he who turned Jeremiahs lamentation into Isaiah’s praise for when you came all we said was unto us a savior is born.

So I always wave my monkey hands while praising you shouting in joy like a sane man gone bananas because this lunatic has a new straight jacket one that is full of love full of peace and satisfaction so excuse me Lord for my madness your love drives me crazy.
Your bloody inscriptions made a masterpiece of a sinful man so poetry is not just genre I use to speak to you it is also a way of showing the world how great thou art is

#CrossEqualsLove |Poetry by Ansay @SwagNation_Ke

My Way To The Cross

In the Garden of Gethsemane
Pray lest you fall into temptation
Sikufall into temptation
Temptation ndio iliniangukia
Fruit kati kati ya eden kwa macho ya eve
The same way 30 sheckels za silver kwa macho ya Judas
Kusatisfy my own greed, nikawelcome devil to my house
Let’s us have a meal nikikiss Yesu on the cheek
Mbona unanisaliti na busu?
Kwa train of thought nikareminisce nikideep mkate kwa wine
At the same time as him
Nikifulfill prophecy alisema some few days before I wish ningekuwa more keen kuskiza
So skiza ama Peter atachukua sikio lako akionyesha boldness to his fellow disciples
Akipatia Yesu chance ya kufanya the last miracle before wamshike shati na kumdrag all along nikimfuatilia kwa umbali
Few hours later, darkness ilicreep in
Jua ikapoteza essence
Nilimfuata nimeingiza njeve huku nikiskiza whispers za upepo
Msee alitembea juu ya maji na akafanya vipofu kuona, alikuwa sandwiched between two Jewish but walikaa Roman Soilders
Mikono cuffed at the back na wengine wakimtemea mate
All these events zinaunfold before my eyes
To some point, nafeel nika naota
Ni funny sitaki kuwa associated na msee aliheal watu macho
Akam aheal zangu basi ju nadhani zikona defects
Hii sio reality hii ni movie na ni kama imefanyiwa after effects
Halafu nasnap back to reality halafu nafwatwa na maswali
Wakwanza akaniuliza ka nilimjua mi nikamshow sikumtambua
Wapili alikuwa mrembo na alisema alituona pamoja
Nikamshow zii in fact hii ni first time yangu kumwona
The next kubring out maswali aliileta after one hour akasema aliona nayeye Galilee
Nikamshow mistaken Identity
Before nimalize my statement jogoo already alikuwa ashawika
Nikatilt my head to the right, nikapatana eye to eye na Jesus
Heart yangu ikasplit apart
Niliwish dunia ifunguke inimeze
My brother Judas soul yake ilikuwa inapanga virago out of his body na destination haikuwa heaven
I screamt in my own silence
All I heard in my head was its all your fault
You lost because you never fought
You missed the shot that mattered and now I am pointing the riffle to my own head
Guilty has already eaten my body
I am now left with this soul that is questioning me
How different am I from these guys on my left and right screaming free Barnabas and crucify Jesus
The enemy of your enemy is your friend
And I saw two enemies become friends
Pilate and Herod shaked hands
Before Pilate washed off his hands
And I felt like Jesus’ blood was spilling in my own hands
My soul was bleeding from inside as they lashed Him on the back
Every time He fell it felt like emptiness
Just because of my own greed I was now suffering in silence
How many of you sin then feel guilty to ask God for forgiveness
Because you’ve done it over and over
Betrayed him
Your actions always scream free barrabas and take Jesus
Like how on Sunday’s you lick Jesus feet with praise but during weekdays spit on his face
Like you never knew him
How does that make you a different from the guy who drilled a nail through Jesus hand
The one who pierced his back till water and blood came out
How different
But every time I look at the crucifix. I hear Him, Jesus, Elohim, speak not with words but spirit and says I died for you.
Don’t let them lie to you that I never came for the self righteous peeps
I came for them
The self righteous and those being judged by the self righteous guys
So just look to the right and left
That is my betrayer but my love for him is too great So I took whips on my back thorns on my head I took nails on my palms
Just because I love you: Mr and Ms Betrayer😍

Dear Future Wife – Poetry by FrankingNaGod



Dear Future Wife
Najua Umesoma other dear Future Wife pieces from other princes ukashanga Mbona nimesilence
Well I won’t lie to you ,Pretence.
Sikua Najua what exactly Nadai kukuambia so I’m just going to tell you what’s on my Mind.
So let’s get down to Business.


Dear Future Wife, Sitakuchocha vile life Ni smooth Hanaan, Milk and Honey Canaan,,
I simply came out to tell you I’m not ready yet.
I apologise but you just have to wait a little bit longer, Si wao husema true love waits , and I got all these issues weighing down on me.
I guess I’ll have to wrestle them for you , for me, for us,
Dear Future Wife, Allow me Niwe real ka NF I guess inastand for Not Faking,
Najua you are so fragile so kuavoid U-shutter Kama Glass I need to know to handle you with Care,
I need to…

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Mbona ujipeleke kwa PROTEST..

na uget Killed tukibaki tukisema BRO REST in peace,Just because ulijiona wewe ni PRO than the REST..
ati unarusha mawe ndio waone that you ROCK..
KIBURI inakupeleka kwa KABURI just because ulicheza na GAVA ukipigania mtu mwenye anajibamba huko JAVA..
ni wajinga tu wanaweza enda na PANGA kulipiza KISASI against polisi mwenye amejiPANGA na RISASI…
mwenye atakumaliza bila KUJALI..coz akiulizwa atasema ilikuwa AJALI..
unamwaga DAMU just becoz wewe ni wa Nasa DAMU…
ni painfull mzazi kudhani unaSOMA,kumbe tyre kwa protest unaCHOMA…
unarudia mzazi ukiwa MAITI,just because ulijiona MIGHTY..
anashangaa yeye ni single mother but anasikia ulikufa ukipigania BABA……
poor mother anastruggle venye mtaISHI na wewe unaongeza expense ya mazISHI,
mbao zenye mama alitaka kabati KUTENGENEZA zilitumika kuunda GENEZA..
manze fikiria na usikubali kupigwa uharibiwe SURA juu ya hizi KURA…..
kata TAMAA kwa hawa fake politician bt usikate JAMAA….

Author Unkown

The Perfect Judge – Spokenword by #FrankingNaGod


This is my first poetic piece I devote it to you,

Na nitaprosper kwa kila kitu nitado,

Uneniahidi future ya dhahabu,

Neno lako nitasambaza hadi siku nitaitwa Babu,

Sometimes life doesn’t add up so I guess life si mathematics,

Na Kama Nature Ni science si basi life Ni art,

God ndio the script writer na sisi ndio the imperfect actors,

Nilikua Convinced Life Ni art Ile time walianza kuinsist tunafaa kukachora,

Na Ni ukweli education is the key just nime experience vile Umedunga mind ya wasee,

Hadi the are no longer open minded,

Ile time nilinotice human beings are so imperfect,

I decided to lower my expectations,

Talking about Justice,

Human beings are just ice ,

So cold yet they wanna (look) Luke warm

Yaani msee anakupata kwa street anadecide to judge you,

Basing on how you walk , and talk,

You mean you have the Audacity to pick me with your two little fingers,

Place me in a box, And destine me to hell ,

Like you are so perfect,

I’m here to tell you it’s not right,

Na Kama nimekuhurt pia unaweza left,

So let us shove the imperfect human beings aside,

Let me introduce you to the perfect judge,
Let me introduce you to the perfect judge Who from the beginning of time has tried to reconcile Himself to man,

Let me introduce you to the perfect judge who would choose to save a whole wicked city because of one righteous man,

Let me introduce you to the perfect judge who will have to remove this man in order to punish the wicked,

Let me introduce you to the perfect judge who owns all silver and Gold so He can’t be bought,

Let me introduce you to the perfect judge who told the Pharisees let he who is without sin be the first one to cast a stone on an adulterous woman,

Let me introduce you to the perfect judge who told this woman , I do not condemn you ,go and sin no more,

Let me introduce you to the perfect judge who loves the sinner yet Hates sin so much,

Let me introduce you to the perfect judge who gave his son to save us from sin,

Sin + Sin = More Sin

Sin + Jesus’ Blood = No sin


Wretched – Spokenword by Meek Junior ( #RibaZaMeek)

Im having fun with all of them i im not a fan to your word forgive me nmejipiga kifua after kufua dafu i mean baba ulinifunza uzito wa nywele akili before nipeleke kwa barber  na wabamba ndio bt ni mi utupa mbao i mean sins zina top up kaa credo pride imeniget i think..nmepotea njia..forgive me father chuki sharp kaa mkuki hatred jirani siwezi mpa chumvi instead udaku juu yake naongezea chumvi.im not true..false ile force mi uharibu art haini assist ntaingia stage punchline kibao but nagonga tu ukuta ngumi..nmeumia mwenyewe..nmewaacha na blister kwa vidole juu ya kusnap meek uko top 

Meek uko ill

Mistari ni sick

Ni ukweli hosi naenda daktari nipe matibabu

Seems nmepoteza words za babu

Macho red kaa nyanya

I mean sleepless nights sleeping pills zmekua addiction design ya weed coz im on pen n paper design ya webuye.niandike zaidi juu yao kichwa kipara nimekuna mawazo..nitabeat awa ma poets mistari mob design ya library..wanisome nikue top wanicopy..but on contrary..nmepoteza relevance nkikimbia hizi mbio za sakafuni ndo niwe fly niko exhausted kaa lori  ya sewage kwa jam i mean its all waste…vanity bila Daddy..nmepoteza maana ya neno siwezi preach teach ata figures of speech zmenishinda..sai niko sick bila tricks no wonder utanipata exhibitions na stare kwa shirt ziko na lines …creativity ina drain kaa maji kwa ocean nafeel kaa crane inanivuta juu juu…but a moment im silent..silent shhhhh..coz ata silence ni therapy i mean in silence u think direct redirect your thoughts …thats why wakisema niko sick .nina sindano ntawadunga reality….im silent thoughts punding kwa kifua kaa asthma . Wheezing na shidwa kuspeak siko generous na God…Nipe creativity Nipe humility nipe ability..nipe stability ata nikipreach pride isiniget ata niko juu ya maji kaa nmekalia mtungi nikumbushe wema wako..mi ndo student ..kujifunza ways zangu nijipate lost Lord Host me under your wings let it be more of you n less of me You increase and decrease coz im just a piece of clay and you the potter.n sometimesi end of easter..mi ni star kwa macho yao but do i really minister to them or bado nafsi ina hasi nakurudisha  kwa cross..nmeshika hammer kwa mdomo maneno misumari i nail it to them but i nail YOU back kwa cross PAPA teach me of your ways….

GOD many are the times i try to take on my ways but Forgive me father 



Love is Patient – Poem by Winnie Waruguru

Lust wants the here and now because it burns up and out like a thirsty fire; Love wants the forever and always because it shines on and on like the sure sun. Love is patient.

Lust tells me: hurry up, before anyone knows. Love tells me: wait until everyone knows. Love is patient.

Lust strips my body and soul naked and leaves me out in the cold; Love covers me up and keeps me warm. It awaits the time it will strip me, only to shelter me in its assuredness. Love is patient.

Lust overdraws on an uncertain tomorrow to pay for unnecessary expenses today; Love invests in a sure tomorrow while avoiding unnecessary expenses today. Love is patient.

Lust stages a coup on my heart, threatened; because it knows it is not its rightful ruler; Love waits patiently as a Crown Prince waits for years, confident; because it knows it’s the rightful heir. Love is patient.

(A poem by Winnie Waruguru).

Love Peace, Live in Unity – Poetry by BrainsArtHeart

God hizi machwani za kiongozii huenda hazitanisustain

Nipatie nguvu nibuild hii nation na ile ambayo itaremain

Ni work for kitu ya kudishi

Food kwa meza,even as mheshimiwa ako kwa hicho kiti.
Niaje love peace and unity zinaleak

Death inapiga press ups ni fingers tu inalick

Life na death in quick succession za macho kublink

Ndani ya uhasama chuki na mizozano tunataka kusink

Haina haja celebration yangu ilete misery kwa ndugu na dada

Kumbuka kesho viongozi wako ndani ma buffet na sisi tunataka kuchoma ma vibanda

Hii peace love na unity wacha ikue in active in our daily lives si tu kwa church ibada


Mpanda gazi hushuka

Tusikubali watu kadhaa wapande na sisi tubaki tukilia tukijuta

Kesho kutwa tunapanga matanga na mazishi huku tukijisuta

So hizi political differences ni nyingi sana that tukiziadd pamoja zitaleta positive change

Hii nation itafungua a more harmonious page

Mimi na wewe tukilead a peaceful state

Big ups 

Kwa wewe uliamka ngware kuvotia Jubilee

Big ups

Kwa wewe uliamka ngware kuvotia Nasa

Big ups 

Kwa wewe mwenye uliamka ku exercise your democratic rights

Big ups 

Kwa wewe utakua on war zone na vita ukiipinga kabisa ukiifight

Big ups 

Kwa wewe utakaye susia vita na  utapigania amani

Far and wide njee na ndani

Peace Love Unity wacha tuiserve mimi wewe tutakuwa sahani

So aggressive isikue ombi la samahani ama hisani

Lets abort all the evils pregnancy we may be planning

Our forefathers walipigania land sio battle ground

Wacha peace love and unity idumishwe this time round

Peace ni from Njeri to Akinyi

From kina sisi to kina nyinyi

From Nyaboke Wafula Cheptoo to Mwendee

Peace Love Unity ni kwa mimi na wewe.

Sielewi itakufaa nini

Mtoi whose kucha bado changa hakupakwa inki akifaariki, ndio tu uone your candidate akikalia hiyo kiti na sisi tunavunjania mameza hate speech tu ndio tunadai kueneza


Greed for power inapelekea binadamu kama mimi na wewe kutokwa na uhai

Christ tayari alisha die

So sio fiti kumwaga hiyo damu ya ariff na huenda utaitaji at some point in life..

No matter the political regime, wacha kwetu tubaki na party

Tumelelewa pamoja, sitakubali kuona us parting..

Its not merely about my desired candidate hakushinda

But tukumbuke zao tu ni positions, and that we are all leaders

God Almighty abaki our overseer

Tubakie containers

Lord, wacha hii Peace Love and Unity isileak

Humble plead

Tukuogope wewe tu, wacha tusibleed ndio walead..

Heal us from all our disease

Use my hands to portray love to my fellow bro’s and siz’s

Let animosity cease

God tupee love and harmony tuishi in unity and peace.