Love Peace, Live in Unity – Poetry by BrainsArtHeart

God hizi machwani za kiongozii huenda hazitanisustain

Nipatie nguvu nibuild hii nation na ile ambayo itaremain

Ni work for kitu ya kudishi

Food kwa meza,even as mheshimiwa ako kwa hicho kiti.
Niaje love peace and unity zinaleak

Death inapiga press ups ni fingers tu inalick

Life na death in quick succession za macho kublink

Ndani ya uhasama chuki na mizozano tunataka kusink

Haina haja celebration yangu ilete misery kwa ndugu na dada

Kumbuka kesho viongozi wako ndani ma buffet na sisi tunataka kuchoma ma vibanda

Hii peace love na unity wacha ikue in active in our daily lives si tu kwa church ibada


Mpanda gazi hushuka

Tusikubali watu kadhaa wapande na sisi tubaki tukilia tukijuta

Kesho kutwa tunapanga matanga na mazishi huku tukijisuta

So hizi political differences ni nyingi sana that tukiziadd pamoja zitaleta positive change

Hii nation itafungua a more harmonious page

Mimi na wewe tukilead a peaceful state

Big ups 

Kwa wewe uliamka ngware kuvotia Jubilee

Big ups

Kwa wewe uliamka ngware kuvotia Nasa

Big ups 

Kwa wewe mwenye uliamka ku exercise your democratic rights

Big ups 

Kwa wewe utakua on war zone na vita ukiipinga kabisa ukiifight

Big ups 

Kwa wewe utakaye susia vita na  utapigania amani

Far and wide njee na ndani

Peace Love Unity wacha tuiserve mimi wewe tutakuwa sahani

So aggressive isikue ombi la samahani ama hisani

Lets abort all the evils pregnancy we may be planning

Our forefathers walipigania land sio battle ground

Wacha peace love and unity idumishwe this time round

Peace ni from Njeri to Akinyi

From kina sisi to kina nyinyi

From Nyaboke Wafula Cheptoo to Mwendee

Peace Love Unity ni kwa mimi na wewe.

Sielewi itakufaa nini

Mtoi whose kucha bado changa hakupakwa inki akifaariki, ndio tu uone your candidate akikalia hiyo kiti na sisi tunavunjania mameza hate speech tu ndio tunadai kueneza


Greed for power inapelekea binadamu kama mimi na wewe kutokwa na uhai

Christ tayari alisha die

So sio fiti kumwaga hiyo damu ya ariff na huenda utaitaji at some point in life..

No matter the political regime, wacha kwetu tubaki na party

Tumelelewa pamoja, sitakubali kuona us parting..

Its not merely about my desired candidate hakushinda

But tukumbuke zao tu ni positions, and that we are all leaders

God Almighty abaki our overseer

Tubakie containers

Lord, wacha hii Peace Love and Unity isileak

Humble plead

Tukuogope wewe tu, wacha tusibleed ndio walead..

Heal us from all our disease

Use my hands to portray love to my fellow bro’s and siz’s

Let animosity cease

God tupee love and harmony tuishi in unity and peace.



​A toast to the king – poetry by Ranx

Today I raise my glass use a spoon and knock it ding ding like a bell ring in a boxing match
Today I stand tall despite my shortcomings

Today just like water in a basin poetry is what I’m based in and even though you may not be contented by what I have to say please listen to my content

It would be awful not to raise my glass to this occasion 

Without raising my glass then I wont be giving thanks to the opportunity that some lack to see a new morning 

Some see it and mourn some see it and moan 

Regardless I am sharing the same sun rays as you and not living in the shades

Proud that my saviour was born in the sheds and so I consider myself lucky 

That’s why I raise my glass 

Giving accolades to my saviour 

A king who schooled me that royalty doesn’t come with class cause as soon as he was born a king

I became a prince
You might be eloquent hiding behind the English words of a dictionary 

You could be a genius who knows all mathematical formulas,algebra forming equations where ladies you dump are your xes and you have no reason y because you live by the slogan don’t hate the player hate the game 

But my brother if you don’t fear Him then you’re foolish 

In the book of Proverbs it is written that fearing Him is the beginning of wisdom 

Which explains why I am no pro 

The verbs I engage in at times give me a noun and a nasty adjective 

Sinner and sinful 
So today I raise my glass toasting to the father who enables me see the sun every morning 

I toast to the guy who touches my heart when I’m hurt

I toast to the guy who is time cautious coz when a woman touched his cloak she received instant healing 

I toast to the guy who may not answer my call but is always on time 


#TributeToMama – Poetry by Oeba

I use my Mother‘s second name for she is Masculine

With belly muscles that stretch from the1st,2nd,3rd to the 9th month

But even stronger lip muscles that uttered words that moved my soul.

Call it the strength of a woman.

Words that have hands that give motherly touch from my mother,in lone tones,wispers and murmur
Shes got figure ,trust me.

Forget about that for she is my fatherly figure

Number 8 wont match,she hits 1st in this chat list

not on the anatomy of the waist downwards

But from the neck upwards,now she is the head of the family.

This words are sick,she got blood pressure,that wont kill her

Her smile is sweeter than diabetes.

The immortality of her smile defy the fact from dust to dust

She is never upset, unlike the  soil when you add water,

She never turns Mad
She is the little kind of short people you will ever strain to look upto

you might confuse her head with a furnished 6 story building

For she is smart, upstairs

walked in rags and tartared clothes to feed us

Thats why she is ever smart up here

Her mind is a musculine belly with pregnant thought always expectant at heart.

So i dont need tyra to show her how much she is my role model

She dosent walk straight but trust me,the foot prints i follow from her are

she must not wear transparent cloths so that God can see her through,

She prospers.
Not good in football

but in everything she always chipped in,

Bet she had soo many goals in Life




God Over Pride – Poetry by BrainsArtHeart

My heart got vulnerable by the successes the world offeredFrom your presence I seemed to be drawn far

I got drunk by my own efforts and didn’t appear even for a second to be sober

I was a passionate scoffer

I never noticed my spirituality was heading a low bar

And Pride

Pride stole your Glory as it became the armed robber

With my hands finding it hard to be lifted high above

But folded them and asked,”and so who is God?”

I never guarded my heart with gratitude

But instead boastful nature became my attribute

And humility became its substitute 

And my heart got flattered 

A ‘Thank you God’ is a phrase my mouth forgot to utter

Repenting never seemed my worry

And slowly..

Was the pace I was falling 

I never took notice

I increased my list of wants and wants and wants

Untill I disappeared from your precepts and became a fugitive tagged ‘wanted’

I forgot how it felt to kneel

And got to devicing new ways to lean

My comfort zone 

Where I felt It was just me,myself,and,I

Just me alone

I felt I was sorted 

My house was in order

I didnt see the need to be in your arms

I felt I was warmer

I didnt quite thought I needed a savior…

Until God allowed me squander all the temporal wealth I had gathered..empty

Reached rock bottom

You reached to me reminding me you are my rock of salvation

That you had me in mind when you gave up yourself for the world and the nations

Your love I didn’t fathom..

How you didnt gamble waiting for my return as a prodigal son

But as a one lost sheep you left the 99 and came after me

I call that greatest comeback


You always draw me back to you

In ways thoughts patterns only you know how you do

A mystery 

How once I persecuted you with my words and deeds but today am devoted to your ministry

Let me focus on winning souls and also the ultimate victory

And never to be distracted with my past and history

Since your plans for me gives me a hope and a future

I was once a fugitive

But today I confess to serve you Lord,together with my house..

God at times I stumble

With only I to be blame

And so I won’t give any excuse otherwise I would sound lame

And arguing with you would subject your name to a profane

So let the only sound that proceeds my voice box today be your fame

Let no achievement whatsoever wrestle your name

When pride tries to peep

Let humility be my zip

Hide me

Get my mind to rewind

And remember that your own breath fills my lungs

Remind me that when I appear despicable in your face 

All I need to redeem me is your grace

Remind me

That you died my death

And I get to live your life

That am dead to sin 

And alive in righteousness

So kill it

Any element that may try to contend with my You-given Spirit

Dear God

When pride 

Tries to exceed your grace

Remind me that its your air that I breath

And let only your Glory be the element that I inhale 

And pride be the disaster that I exhale

And by that let me say ex hell.
Prov 30:7-9

“..Feed me with the food needful for me..”
Give me wealth that adds no sorrow
If my pride ever exceeds your grace God

Remind me

Its your air that I breath.




Happy Easter – poetry by K-Lax


💓 _Happy Easter_💓

💓 _k-lax_ 💓

We living in the days when lugha inatumika inashangaza

Utaskia Boy akisema kuna dem amemkufia 

Unabaki ukijiuliza mazishi ndiyo inafuata ama..

Ukifuatilia pale inbox ataingizwa box na texts kama your smile kills me

Unashangaa huyu msee kwani hukufa mara ngapi ….

Juu kama smile ingekuwa inaua si ni vipofu tu wangekuwa hai…
Am not ashamed kusema only Christ died for me and today He has Risen

On the Cross He was crucified sababu ya mimi na wewe

So that again we be unified na pamoja tuishi milele.

He went through pain

In order for me to gain..eternity
Only for his love to me

Alinipenda before nimpende

Alinipenda despite my wrong doings

Alinipenda while i was a drunkard

Alinipenda despite the dirty talks

Alinipenda despite my immorality

Alinipenda despite everything

And as if that wasnt enough.. He died for me.
Hata uoge mara ngapi huwezi osha dhambi

Only through His Death that my sins were washed away

And He tells us to repent tukikosea anatusamehe

Soma Hebrews 10:26 one of the verses i like meditating on.
Najua ni Easter Jogoo zimegeuka nomads

Najua ni Easter mbuzi na Ngombe zimekuwa IDPs

Even As we Celebrate however we choose to

Lets remember…. We are alive because He made a sacrifice…..
📝… k-lax…📝
💓 _Happy Easter to you All_💓

Situmiki Vibaya – K-lax



*✌Situmiki vibaya✌*

*✌          K-lax          ✌

Kama Tissue zingekuwa na mdomo wengi wetu tungekuwa jela

“Nilimwagiliwa maji nkararuka,,wakakosa saviet wakantumia,,”

“Wanadamu ndio malandlord na septic tank ndio keja mi hurent,,”

“Napendwa sana in the beginning but in the end mi ni waste product.”
The same thing ndio tumeona ikihappen in our political climate

Normal citizens tumekuwa kama tissue,,and i better say this now before its 2 late

Yaani mimi ndio nakusaidia ,,unafaidika na ukisaidika ninadumpika..

This time round i got One word for you.

NO.. *Situmiki vibaya*
Najua huyu neigbour wangu anaitwa peter

Na mi huwasalimia kila morning na madam wake wakipita

Ile saying ya salimianga watu  kiberiti huisha kwangu na yeye ni practical

So In No way shall i ever be an enemy to my neighbour,,mtu tunasaidiana daily

In. No way shall i fight my fellow kenyan eti juu yako..

Still one word for you

NO.. *Statumika vibaya*
I Choose *Peace*

I Choose *Love*

I Choose *Unity*

I choose *Kenya*


By the way Naitwa K-lax yule wa NCR

Lecturer wangu nI The Most High God,

Course nafanya ni Architecture juu kuchonga mistari ndio Passion yangu.

We Are One 🇰🇪



We are a swag nation
A collection of youths yearning for eternal life celebration
Acquired via salvation a portion for us in continuation
Contamination to the nation
Unsuccessfully they tried only to realize amazing grace’s protection
Collectively insures
All you need for subscription is a connection
With Jesus; the only way to the father the truth and the life
To whom neither nationality nor complexion
Matters. Both light and dark proportionally share the love
Crus fiction of our Christ completely withdrew nations’ doom
Jesus’ blood had strong Wrath extinguishing
Power enough to let God grant us second chance
We are saved with amazing grace

Back to the days

Poetry by Markus Mwanik


copy-of-vintage-fashion-flyer1I want to go back to the days, not the days when lived in grass thatched houses and wore hides and skins, no… but back to the days….

Back to the days when there was a distinction between wrong and right, black and white, and not this shade of grey

The days when a wrong was not justified to be a right just because everyone was doing it

Back in the days when it was easy to tell the difference between a man and a woman by just looking at them, right now am not sure if its Audrey or Andrew…you tell me

When we had Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve

When skinny jeans were for actually for skinny people

Back in the days when marriage was sacred and meant going to church, in front of friends and family and making it official and not just changing…

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