#LustAndTheCity Machakos

#NavigatorsMachakos will be hosting #LustAndTheCity #LustAndTheCityMachakos at the Navigators Home(Near Kamuki Homes) on the 23rd of September.Make a point of attending by signing up with Markus -0726245981

Our speaker for the day will be Ernest Wamboye @ewamboye ~ an award winning blogger, a disciple of Christ, a husband, a father, a thespian, an author and origami artist..just to say but the least…come know about him as he takes as through the subject of sexual purity; thriving in singlehood, having godly relationships, expound more on the ills of masturbation and so much more.

In addition He is the author of the book #LustAndTheCity which is available on http://www.africanbookhub.co.ke 

If you you have any questions that you wish be address on the subject of sexual purity please let us know by whats app 0726245981, twitter using the hashtag #LustAndTheCity 

Check out the conversation on twitter using the hash tag #LustAndTheCity a talk on #SexualPurity. We encourage you to give your views and reactions as well.

For more info Contact 0726245981 ~ Markus


Pray For Kenya

Today we wish to take time and pray for our country Kenya and we would really love it if you would join us.

 Before the the elections, the whole country was in prayers and now we just want to give thanks to God that we had a peaceful elections and peace thereafter despite the few unfortunate cases and the 24 who lost their lives (May God remember their families and grant them peace).

We also want to pray for the court proceedings that are on going. We pray for the seven judges, that God may lead them and that they may have sound mind, wisdom and knowledge to make the right decision for Kenya and that the decision made thereafter will be accepted by all and that Kenya will forward and in the right direction.

We pray for leaders who were elected …that they will lead Kenyans in integrity and with the right counsel, putting the needs if the Kenyan people before their own.

We pray that Kenya may rise above vices such as corruption and tribalism and that we may have genuine love and concern for each other.

We that the Christians in Kenya may arise and be strong in their faith , not only during trying times but at all times …sharing the love of Christ and leading as examples.

Above all we pray Gods will may be accomplished in Kenya ..we believe He has good plans for Kenya..to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future.

In Jesus name we pray Amen.

#PrayForKenya #SwagNation_Ke #IpledgePeaceKenya


Thanks to all who made it for #SwagNationHangouts

Today we got to share on #TributeToMama

Tribute – aknowledgement of respect, admiration and gratitude.

We so the need to honour our mothers and respect them no matter their status ….to follow their teachings (Proverbs 1:8b)…and we got to share some of the things we have learnt from our mothers.

In addition, we as christians need to mother those new to the faith…and disciple them.

Finally as mothers day approaches ..that is the 14th ..this Sunday…make a point of doing something special for your mother.

(Mother ..not necessarily your birth mother…it may be one who raised you ..or made a positive impact in your life.)

In line with that …using the hashtag #TributeToMama ..share some of the teachings you have learnt from your mother…also share some of the attributes you would love to emulate from your mother.

Have a blessed night.

Post-Easter #SwagNationHangouts

Hi fam☺

#SwagNationHangouts is back!!! …and yeap its a post-Easter hangouts…#HeIsRisen…Jesus the King has risen from the dead…fulfilling the prophesy and bringing hope and Salvation to the world!

Happening this coming friday the 21st…from 4pm…Room 13 at Machakos University

Come join us for an afternoon of fun, fellowship, poetry, music as we celebrate the risen Christ.




As we come to the end of the year 2016,its good to take time and reflect upon the year that was. Take a look at your accomplishments and thank the Almighty, take a look at your shortcomings and trust God for the coming year. Above all, thank God for having finished another year, there are many who would have wanted to see the new year,many who had plans for the next year but are not able..our dearly departed. With all the diseases, the accidents, the crimes …you are fortunate to be alive and counting another year pass. As we look back , all we can say #ThisFarNiGod.Giving all glory to God our father. (1st Samuel 7;12) Thus far the Lord has helped us

With this hashtag, tell of the things God has done for you in the year of 2016,as we trust in Him for greater things in 2017.



Morning😊 today is #WorshipWednesday #WorshipCafè ..yes ..its all about #worship
Join us in worshipping our creator…tell of how great and wonderful He is in your life….from the time you open your eyes in the morning…start your day by worshipping him…join us on social media as well..using the hashtags #WorshipWednesday #WorshipCafè
Tell the world of His greatness
Finally in the evening at exactly 7:30pm join us for an hour of worship to the most high at Deliverance Church Machakos. BE BLESSED.

#SwagNationAnniversary #ThisFarNiGod


Yap …this is the much awaited event happening on the 7th of October at Machakos Uni …as we celebrate an year since SwagNation_Ke came to be. And so we say #ThisFarNiGod (1Sam 7;12)

Come celebrate with us as we have awesome performances lined up for you.

Event Name ; #SwagNationAnniversary

Theme ; #ThisFarNiGod

Theme Verse ; 1Samuel 7;12 Thus far the Lord has helped us.

Venue ; Machakos Uni at the ADB Hall

Time ; 5pm

Dress code ; #SwagNationTees (contact Patoh 0711568379 to get yours)

Charges ; 50/ advance  100/ at the gate (contact Sharon 0728830565 to book a ticket)

Don’t miss out!!!!


Inspirational Stories

Check out the link for a compilation of inspirational stories  that will minister to you as well as inspire you.

This has been made possible by SwagNation_Ke – a movement of young and gifted youth, with a passion to demonstrate and minister the love of God through talent.

If you would wish to share articles that preach Christ we would be more than glad to post them. To do so send them via email at swagnationke@gmail.com or tag us at @swagnation_ke on any social media. Be Blessed.


Christian Poetry


Check out the link for amazing Christian poetry from Poets in and around Kenya…a compilation of Christian poetry that will minister to you as well as inspire you.

This has been made possible by SwagNation_Ke – a movement of young and gifted youth, with a passion to demonstrate and minister the love of God through talent.

If you would wish to share articles/poetry pieces that preach Christ we would be more than glad to post them. To do so send them via email at swagnationke@gmail.com or tag us at @swagnation_ke on any social media. Be Blessed.


Plans For The Semester

  1. We are having bible study courtesy of Navigators today and every other Tuesday at 4pm near the Library; please make a point of coming as we want to start on a study together. Invite a friend and come let’s share in God’s word.index
  2. We will be registering ourselves every semester with 50bob only and thus we will register ourselves with the treasurer in charge – Sharon when we meet for Hangouts. Still on that note, pray with us on the issue of Registering SwagNation_Ke as a club/society in Machakos University
  3. As SwagNation_Ke our main objective is to minister Christ thus we will be having door to door evangelism, reaching to people one soul at a time starting within Machakos Uni. This will be happening every Wednesday from 4pm. If you are available please contact Markus (0726245981) who is in charge of that. If not you can still support us by putting us in prayers.
  4. #SwagNationHangouts will be happening on Thursday this week due to the upcoming Aflewo (Africa Lets Worship) event but will continue on as usual there after …yap we having Aflewo and we hope to attend as a group having out t-shirts #SwagNationTees and probably a common mode of transport. We will get further info on that from Wandeto (0718062183) /Octo (0708092930)
  5. We will be having #SwagNationSportsDay on the 24th of this month and we hope you will all attend; we have lots in store for you. In order to cater for all that is needed we need some cash and so if you have any contribution you would wish to give or any ideas in mind kindly contact Patoh (0711568379) or Matere(0706381572) who are in charge of organising for the sports day.
  6. Yap the D-day #SwagNationAnnivesary will be happening on the agreed date 7th Oct, continue praying about it. The hash tag is #ThisFarNiGod help us by tweeting, retweeting, posting on the hash tag. Get your #SwagNationTees because that’s what we will be rocking on that day. Still on that we will be having a challenge, take a short video or put it in writing and tell us of what God has done in your life post it on any social using the hash tag #ThisFarNiGod #MyStoryMyTestimony anniversary
  7. We will be having Tree Planting Day on the 20th of October that is Mashujaa Day. Yes we want to be Mashujaa by saving our environment. Start saving cash to buy trees. More info will be availed on the same though in case of anything contact Meek (0700899198) who is in charge of that.
  8. Still plans are underway on the #SwagNationMusicProject where we want to have a song made with combined artists of SwagNation_Ke. If you are interested contact Benjie (0712774613)
  9. We thank God the #SwagNationTees are out. Hope you have your own. If not contact Markus (0726245981) and get yoursswagnation-tees
  10.  #IpledgePeaceKenya The campaign is on! As SwagNation_Ke we want to be peace     ambassadors. Official launch will be happening on Oct 7th during #SwagNationAnniversary Let’s post, repost, favourite like, and comment on @ipledgepeaceke. On the same
  • We have a twibbon challenge on twitter just check it out on our pinned tweet @ipledgepeaceke
  • We have #SnapchatChallenge whereby you take a snap of yourself and write #IpledgePeaceKenya and post it on Instagram/Facebook/twitter using the same hash tag
  • Take a short video of yourself talking of peace and encouraging others to maintain peace …post it on social media using #IpledgePeaceKenya you could also tag @ipledgepeaceke
  • We will have a #IpledgePeaceKenya photo-shoot. More details will be availed on that.Screenshot_(4)-1-1[1]